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February 25, 2018

Centre for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (CSDE) organized special lecture on ‘Machine Learning Skills for Engineering & Science Researchers’

Chandigarh : The Centre for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (CSDE), Panjab University (PU) organized special lecture on ‘Machine Learning Skills for Engineering and Science Researchers’ .

Prof Harrison B Prosper, Kirby W Kemper Professor of Physics and distinguished Research Professor, Department of Physics, Florida State University (USA) delivered the lecture. Machine learning has important role in the development of modern systems and devices. Classification challenges like spam filtering, search engines, traffic monitoring systems are using machine learning for the precise implementation.

Various machine learning techniques include neural networks, decision trees, Bayesian networks etc. All these techniques use statistics in there logic for analysis. Common formula for all the machine learning techniques uses the constrained empirical risk represented by R (W) and a suitable loss function represented by L (y,f). Algorithm design using decision trees and neural network are shared using an example of wine taster machine. This technique is now commercially in use.

MNIST database example is also shared with the students. Automation of all the aspects of digital life and manufacturing need machine learning for their implementation. Big firms like Apple, Yahoo, Google etc. are moving in this direction and believe that with in short span of time machine would be totally artificially intelligent. By 2025, the machine learning business world-over would be around $40000 million/ annum. Data visualization is also part of machine learning. It is numerical approximation of the same mathematical quantity.

PU vice-chancellor Prof Arun Kumar Grover in his presiding talk shared the need for improving the skills of the students on the campus. He also shared his views related to enterprising skills and start-ups during the address. Around 100 research scholars and students from engineering and sciences participated and interacted during the lecture.

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