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March 23, 2018

Make in Odisha Conclave launches new uniform for Skilled-in-Odisha

Bhubaneswar : Make in Odisha Conclave launches new uniform for “Skilled-in-Odisha”. The launch for new set off designs for skill training, ITI and polytechnic was done through a ramp walk by the trainees of ‘Skilled-in-Odisha” during the inauguration reception of Make in Odisha conclave-a first of its kind in Odisha.

Earlier, Odisha Skill Development Authority, Skill Development & Technical Education department, Government of Odisha initiated to design the  uniform for trainees in  Skill Development programmes, ITIs & Polytechnic to boost up the discipline, self- esteem  & pride among the youth.  The services of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bhubaneswar was roped in for designing the uniform for the trainees. NIFT team made a survey of Skill training centres of various departments, ITI & Polytechnic & finalized the design.

Different sets of uniforms have been prepared for short term skill Training Programmes, ITIs & Polytechnics of the state. One set up dress has been design for formal uniform & another set for Sportswear separately for boys & girls. While designing the uniform lot of thought has been gone into it on the methodology, designs & pattern for the uniforms.

Elements in Design Skill

— The colour ‘Purple’ stands for nobility, power & ambition. It also stands for creativity, wisdom & dignity.
— Thus, the noble colour combined with the bold print shows the industrial strength & dignity of the state of Odisha & the ambition for industrial growth.
— The royal blue in sportswear shows superiority, honesty and trustworthiness. All of these qualities added with sportsman spirit, will drive the youth to build a better nation.

With smart paneling & trendy detailing like asymmetry, printed epaulets, Chinese Collar etc, this collection uniforms gives the youth& identity that they dream of.

Industrial Training Institutes (ITI)

— ‘Beige’ signifies calmness, ‘Peach’ stands for longevity & service to humanity is one of the strengths of the color indigo. All these attributes combined together I formal wear, give us a proud feeling of a new generation of youngsters who will work hard with a calm mind towards long term success and with an attitude to serve the nation.
— The colors used in sportswear stand for vitality and energy that are intrinsic elements for skill development.
— The print here made out of bolt shapes has an unconventional pattern that stands out in a subtle manner.

Overall this is an elegant collection for the responsible youth who can harness their positive energy towards a skilled state.


— ‘Grey’ stands for timelessness, balance and sophistication,
— Navy stands for trust, wisdom and confidence.
— Burgundy stands for determination, leadership and prosperity.

All the detailing in the garment: be the placket in the men’s shirt or the asymmetric panel in the women’s kurta; the panels in the sportswear trousers or the placement of the print; they all speak about being different and standing with a head held high to create an individual identity rather than getting lost in the crowd and thus, to make the nation proud of a wise confident and balanced

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