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March 22, 2018

How colleges help to improve their student’s employability?

With about 700 universities and over 35000 affiliated colleges in India, there are nearly 7 million graduates and post-graduates passing out each year! The critical question to ponder is how many youth are employable out of them and how many actually get employed? Though there are various studies and reports stating the employable population of youth being one-third only, the real problem are around building their employability right from the start!

Colleges play a vital role in laying the foundation of an individual’s career. Thus it is highly recommended to try out different ways to accomplish the highly anticipated goal of augmenting students’ employability. Following actions will certainly enable colleges and educational institutes to improve students’ employability.

— Starting Early: Colleges should venture the process of augmenting students employability skills right from the start. Distinctive steps should be initiated in this direction encompassing the conduction of seminars, activity workshops and so on.

— Counseling: Colleges should conduct counseling sessions to aid students in building a rock solid foundation of employability skills and assets. Each student is an asset and needs to be nurtured carefully by understanding and channeling one’s mindset in right direction.

— Practical exposure: Hands on experience is a requisite to augmenting the skills of students. Thus, it is important that students gain some sort of practical exposure to get well versed with the working environment and work culture at offices.

— Employability Assessments: Students of non-premier institutes face the biggest challenge in finding career break. Hence it is important to make the students ready for professional journeys. Periodic assessments and reports on employability skills prove to be beneficial in gaining an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of performance of students for their preparedness to venture into the industries of their choices. Students should be encouraged to take assessments to understand the importance of global and peer competition.

Youth4work has designed variety of assessments for students to test their mettle on soft-skills, general awareness and core domain knowledge as well. Through this platform, college students are assessed for a topic 3–4 times a year with increasing difficulty and analyses one’s performance of progress as well as comparison with other students. This helps the management to urge students undergo necessary development programs. Students, in turn, not only get to learn the ways of online assessments but also pick up necessary and relevant skills. And when this happens right from the first year of college, imagine what competing levels the students will be at the end of their degree programs!”

Not just employability assessments, Youth4work also has modules for class tests and psychometric tests. The dynamic and integrated assessments reports deliver the much needed insights about the performance of particular branch vis-a- vis others to the college management. Students get ranked and know exactly where they stand in their own college and also among other college students listed on Youth4work. So, as students and college management, get access to the redefined employability solution and be assured of phones ringing off the hook straight after college!

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