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March 20, 2018

Haryana Govt. Schools to have “Skill Passbook”, “Catchup Programs” and “Class Readiness Program” : Education Minister

Chandigarh : Haryana Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma on Wednesday said the School Education Department has started “Skill Passbook” and “Catchup Programmes” to further improve the quality of education in Government schools, and promote skill development among the students.

The Government has decided to start an ambitious Class Readiness Programme (CRP) to utilise the early learning days in the new academic session. The aim of this programme is to prepare children for new classes in the beginning of the new session by way of interesting and activity-oriented informal learning, said he.

Sharma said the Catchup Programme will be started in the first two months of the session. This would help in developing the learning abilities and skills of students they could not obtain in their classes due to one reason or the other.

Skill Passbook would be filled up by the class teacher for each student. Their learning abilities in Hindi, English and Mathematics would be mentioned in the passbook drawing on the lessons in the textbook, he said.

Detailing about the activities to be undertaken in the first seven weeks of the new academic session, Sharma said in the first week, the teachers would mention the learning abilities of students in the Skill Passbook, and, in the second week, identification of students and group building would be done.

Similarly, activity-based learning in groups would be carried out from the third week to sixth week, and, in the seventh week, the teachers would test the acquired learning abilities of the students.

The Minister said first of all, the class teacher would access the learning abilities mentioned in the Skill Passbook throughout the year. After getting promoted to the new class, the student would hand over this passbook to the new class teacher who would recheck the learning abilities and skills mentioned in the passbook, he added.

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