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March 24, 2018

South Korean electronics company YB Solutions signed MoU with ‘Sabal Bharat’ to skill 70,000 youth on SMT line for Green Card production

Jaipur : The Electronics industry is one among the fastest growing in our country and it provides job opportunities for thousands every year. It is a sector with one of the highest number of job opportunities for youth today. One such youth employment initiative that is sure to provide employment to over 70000 youth from Rajasthan has been kick started by a MoU signed by a tech company from South Korea with Jaipur’s Sabal Bharat Institution. South Korea’s Tech company YB Solutions has offered their services in training students from Sabal Bharat in SMT line operations that are a necessary part of Green Card production.

According to the MoU training will start in Sabal Bharat, Jaipur in less than a period of three months and within 3 years time, 70000 of Rajasthan’s youth shall be employment ready. Demand for green cards in the electronics products is increasing rapidly, but due to lack of adequate number of SMT line operators, they are not getting sufficient supply. says YB Kang, Founder of YB Tech Solutions.

Definitely, training Indian youth in SMT operations will be a huge breakthrough for India in the electronics sector as there is a dearth of qualified SMT line operators today. The agreement between YB Tech and Sabal Bharat is that between is that within 3 years almost 70000 youth from Rajasthan will be ready for work in the field of Green Card production. This project is certain to make India self-sufficient in SMT line operations. SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology and is used asthe primary method for the production of green cards.

Sabal Bharat is an organisation that specialises in providing training to students who have a degree but not an employment due to the lack of skills. They have several, scholarship, residential and employment programs that help students attain their dream professions. Sabal Bharat partners with over 50 training institutes and aims at providing students with world-class education opportunities. In short, Sabal Bharat is a team of dedicated individuals who aim to bring about a qualitative change in the society and in the lives of its youth. Sabal Bharat has a reach over 20 states in #India and brings about a change in careers of the youth of almost 200 districts. YB Tech Solutions, on the other hand, is a pioneer in the field of SMT solutions, sales and consulting.

The Electronics Sector Skills council of India has started many courses related to SMT line, the training for all of these courses shall be provided by Sabal Bharat and YB Tech Solutions. This initiative is a step to realize the Make in India and Skill India projects started off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make India self-sufficient when it comes to SMT lines.

The project is a great step towards mass employment of youth in India. It is an example in the field that is sure to ensure a larger number of initiatives to provide Indian youth with the necessary skills and employment.

Note: News shared for public awareness with reference from the information provided at online news portals.

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