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March 18, 2018

International Training and Assessment Course (ITAC), a course to meet rising demand of skilled trainers and assessors

Unique Partnership for Capacity Building of Skill Development Ecosystem between Australian Government, Australian Registered Training Organizations and Sector Skill Councils. An Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Australian Government and National Skill Development Corporation to develop a suit of training courses to help meet demand in India for Trainers and Assessors.

International Skills Training Courses for Trainers and Assessors (ITAC), have been developed by the Australian Government and have been aligned to the Indian National Occupational Standards for Trainers and Assessors. The courses have been successfully piloted by five Australian registered training organizations (RTOs) across five Indian states to almost 500 learners.

Objectives of the Program

ITAC courses are a set of internationally-relevant courses developed by the Australian industry and facilitated by the Australian Government, to help meet the global demand for skilled trainers and assessors. These courses leverage Australian expertise in delivering high quality training and assessment to a diverse range of international students, and that have been internationalized to suit the requirements of a global labour market.

Sector Skill Councils and Australian RTOs have partnered to deliver ITAC training programs as part of the SSCs ‘Train the Trainer’ and ‘Train the Assessor’ program throughout the country for capacity building of trainers/assessor in line with international standards.

The following courses modules are available under the ITAC:

TVET Trainer
TVET Assessor
TVET Master Trainer and Assessor

The TVET Trainer course and TVET Assessor Course provide learners with a vocational background, the skills to train or assess learners in their industry of expertise.The TVET Advanced Trainer and Assessor course gives learners the skills to take up a leadership role within a training organisation, enterprise or industry.

Program Outline

Standard ITAC Training Program (10 days)
Australian RTOs shall be delivering the standard 10-day end to end training program under the guidance of the Sector Skill Councils covering all the components of the program. The entire training delivery will be conducted by the Australian RTO through the respective Sector Skill Councils. Candidates undergoing the training programs will get joint certification by Sector Skill Councils and Australian RTOs.

Sensitization Program on ITAC Platform Skills (3 days) – Part of the SSC Train the Trainer/Assessor

As per the approved guidelines of SSC Train the Trainer/Assessor, a candidate post the domain certification will undergo 6 day platform skill orientation which is further divided into 3 day domain skill related pedagogy and remaining 3 days generic platform skills.

Sector Skill Councils and Australian RTOs have collaborated to conduct 3 day sensitization program on ITAC platform skills. Candidates undergoing the training programs will get joint certification by Sector Skill Councils and Australian RTOs.
Benefits of the Program

Skilled trainers under ITAC will have the confidence and capacity to make reasoned judgements when training, including adapting teaching materials and learning techniques to meet industry and learner needs. Skilled assessors will help to meet the needs of industry and enterprises through assessing learners’ skills and knowledge for the workplace.

The advanced trainer and assessor will assume a critical role in the development of skilled trainers and assessors, equipped with the knowledge and capability to help shape professional practice in the vocational education system. In completing a course specifically designed for an international context, participants will develop skills of an international standard and possess greater employability and workforce mobility to operate in the global economy.

Interested candidates or training partners may reach out the concerned Sector Skill Councils for more details about the ITAC program.

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