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April 21, 2018

APSSDC invites Expression of Interest (EOI) for implementation of Skill Training Program for women and youth

Vijaywada : APSSDC invites Expression of Interest (EOI) from interested and eligible organizations /companies to implement skill training program s in Apparel, Textile and the value chain sector skill training for Women & youth of Andhra Pradesh. Through this EOI No. Rc.No.1071/APSSDC/SMO-EOI/2017-18,  “Principle Implementation Agency” may be empaneled.

Profile of Applicant

For the purpose of this EOI, the “Applicant” must be a Company (which expression shall mean and include its subsidiaries) duly incorporated under Indian Companies Act, or any other legal entity registered in India hereafter called as Applicant. Additionally:

• The credentials of Applicant including its subsidiaries, if any, shall be considered for the eligibility of participating in this EOI
• The execution of the project shall be done by the Applicant and/or its subsidiaries, as specified in the implementation plan submitted by the Applicant
• The response towards this EOI by the Applicant in consortium with any partner shall not be allowed.

Compliant Proposals/Completeness of Response

Applicants are advised to study all instructions, forms, terms, requirements and other information in the documents carefully. Submission of the proposal shall be deemed to have been done after careful study and examination of the document with full understanding of its implications. Failure to comply with the requirements of this paragraph may render the Proposal non-compliant and the Proposal may be rejected. Applicants must:
a) Include all documentation specified in this document
b) Follow the format of this document and respond to each element in the order as set out in this document
c) Comply with all requirements as set out within this document.

Submission of EOI

The Proposal need to be submitted as per the formats enclosed in all the Annexures.

a) The Proposal shall comprise all the documents as listed in all the Annexures.
b) In preparing the EOI, the Applicant is expected to examine this document in detail. Material deficiencies in providing the information requested in the document may result in rejection of the Proposal.
c) The Applicants shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its EOI, and APSSDC shall not be responsible or liable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the selection process. APSSDC is not bound to accept any proposal,
and reserves the right to annulthe selection process at any time prior to the selection, without thereby incurring any liability to the Applicant.
d) An authorized representative of the Applicant shall sign the original submission letters with stamp in the required formats for the EOI.
e) The authorization shall be in the form of a written power of attorney attached to the Proposal (for format please refer Annexure III)
f) The EOI shall be signed original and stamped on each page.
g) If the envelopes and packages with the Proposal are not sealed and marked as required, APSSDC will assume no responsibility for the misplacement, loss, or premature opening of the Proposal.
h) The Proposal or its modifications must be sent to the address indicated in the Notice Inviting EOI section and received by APSSDC no later than the deadline indicated in the Notice Inviting EOI section, or any extension to this deadline. Any EOI or its modification received by APSSDC after the deadline shall be declared late and rejected, and promptly returned unopened.

Last date (deadline) for submission of EOIs : 10-10-2017

Opening of EOIs : 11-10-2017

Address for submission of proposals

Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation
2nd Floor, NTR administrative block
Pandit Nehru Bus Station
Vijayawada – Krishna Dt

Presentation by the Shortlisted Applicants will be intimated separately. Contact Rajesh Babu.M at 9704660216 for any assistance. For complete details, view EOI document available on APSSDC website or Click Here


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