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April 22, 2018

China – Employers confident they can find talent in 2018 despite ongoing skill shortages

Beijing : Most employers in Mainland China are confident they can somehow find the talent they need in the coming year despite admitting skill shortages could impact their business in 2018, according to data from Hays.

The research showed that 74% of organizations in China are confident they can find the talent they need in 2018 despite shortages. However, when asked if skill shortages have the potential to hamper the effective operation of their business or department in the year ahead, 61% of Mainland China organizations answered “without doubt” while another 37% expect some negative impact.

“Finding the right talent in 2018 will be critical for companies wanting to take advantage of Mainland China’s more buoyant economic outlook. We expect competition for quality candidates to intensify as companies pull out all the stops to position for growth in the year ahead,” Simon Lance, Managing Director of Hays Greater China, said.

Hays’ research also showed that up-skilling existing employees is the most popular strategy for countering skill shortages (37%). Other methods include developing better ways to attract new employees (26%) and internal transfers (16%). Meanwhile, 60% of companies say they are willing to employ/sponsor a candidate from overseas to fill a role in a skill short area while 40% are not willing to hire from overseas.

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