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April 21, 2018

Bennett University gets UK funding for making deep learning and artificial intelligence ( AI) skills mainstream in India

New Delhi : Bennett University, in partnership with researchers from University College, London, and the UK’s Brunel University, has been granted funding by the Royal Academy of Engineering for a project on “making deep learning and artificial intelligence skills mainstream in India to fulfil trilateral needs of entrepreneurship, industry academia partnership and application-inspired engineering research”.

The aim is large-scale adoption, training and skilling in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning technologies at India’s engineering institutions, to prepare for the next revolution in these areas and become the AI manpower supplier to the world. Bennett University is a part of the Times of India Group, which publishes ET.

Cutting-edge skills will be made available to the wider community of academics and researchers through a network of 25 lead institutions across India. They will further connect with 10 institutions for a second level of engagement, resulting in a network of 250 to create a force of 2,500 instructors who can, in turn, train 100,000 students every year.

This will also help initiate and sustain AI research groups and increase the research quotient in second-tier Indian institutions while facilitating 2,500 faculty to conduct research in niche areas of AI. It will help motivate the learner community to exploit the potential of startups and innovations in these areas and connect them with the real-life problems that industry is trying to solve. A research group will be started in the lead institutions that will be mentored on short- and long-term research in machine learning and data science.

Startups and industry involved in AI, such as Nvidia, Amazon, VideoKen and many more, are partnering on this project for providing application-oriented ideas and absorbing the trained graduates of these institutions.

The outcome of the project will be tangible in terms of its impact to the engineering community. The super-computing infrastructure, strong faculty profile and leadership role being played by Bennett University will be a key driving factor for the success of the initiative. “We are embracing ourselves for a big role in this area by enabling the higher education institutions through workshops, student projects, sabbaticals and internships,” said Deepak Garg, principal lead of the project and head, Bennett Center for Research in AI. “We are supporting the industry through our consultant network, industry-academia conclaves and corporate training opportunities.”

Suneet Tuli, dean, School of Engineering at Bennett University, said, “The project is in line with our focus to undertake industry-oriented research with useful applications for society. Bennett University will be contributing in the ecosystem being developed by the government to enhance the use AI in all walks of life and increasing the quality of life for our fellow citizens.”

Note: News shared for public awareness with reference from the information provided at online news portals.

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