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April 25, 2018

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation invites Request for Proposal for organizing Skills Fair 2018

Albania : Skills for Jobs (S4J) is a project mandated by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), implemented by Swisscontact Albania. It addresses the main challenges of the Albanian vocational skills development system: quality and status, financing, labour market orientation and private sector involvement. The project interventions build on the 20 years of Swisscontact’s experience in Vocational Skills Development (VSD) in Albania and are divided in three components:

1- Improvement of the quality of formal and non-formal VSD in selected sectors, benefiting the private sector and increasing accessibility to women and youth
2- Multi-functional Centres establishing sustainable and innovative relations with the private sector functionality at the provider level of inclusive labour market insertion facilities and instruments
3- Functionality at the provider level of inclusive labour market insertion facilities and instruments main challenges of the Albanian vocational skills development system: quality and status, financing, labour market orientation and private sector involvement.

For the third year in a row, the Line Ministry responsible for Vocational Education and Training, with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Albania and the two SDC-funded projects Skills Development for Employment (UNDP) and Skills for Jobs (Swisscontact) is organizing the annual Skills Fair.

The Skills Fair 2018 will showcase a diverse VET offer by emphasizing two main aspects:

– The increasing role the private sector is playing in the design and delivery of vocational education and training in Albania; and
– The diversification of the offer to cater to the interests of more people who choose VET as well as the needs of the companies for qualified workers throughout the chain of given industries.

Besides the above, the Skills Fair will serve as a platform to exchange among peers and establish cooperation between VET providers and private sector companies in view of developing project that are mutually beneficial for the VET providers and for the private sector companies.
As the world of work is changing rapidly influenced by the technological revolution, the main theme for this year’s Skills Fair will be ‘Innovation’. VET providers and companies participating in the fair will use the opportunity to present their most innovative projects and reflect with peers and potential partners how can they introduce new technologies in the VET offer.

Why innovation
Advances in technology and processes are re-creating the world we live in, opening doors that no one has ever imagined. In the business world, innovation is the only most important driver of social prosperity and is indispensable for sustainable development and economic growth.
Labour markets require professions to adapt to technology developments. Nowadays innovation is an inseparable part of formal and informal education. Incorporating the principles of innovation into the vocational school’s systems is indispensable in order to demonstrate the young generation the importance of it and build future professionals that respond to the labor market. The future of Albania is closely related to the power of innovation, therefore the leading concept of the Professional Skills Fair for 2018 it is ‘Innovation’ and the way it affects the future of professions.
The Skills Fair 2018, will take place on 20-22 April, at Olympic Park, Tirane, Albania. This Request for Proposal outlines the needs to support the Ministry of Finance and Economy and Swisscontact to further develop the concept (design) and implement the three-days Skills Fair 2018.
Approximately 50 VTC entities will be participating in the Fair such as; public and private vocational schools from different sectors and region, training companies, Innovative businesses that offer professional practice.

The Skills Fair aims to:
– Improve the image of VET in Albania by presenting the new developments of the sector during the last year;
– Raise awareness among stakeholders and communities on the wide range of offers in vocational education and training in the country;
– Stimulate VET providers to innovate and introduce new technologies in their offer and teaching/learning processes;
– Facilitate cooperation between VET providers and private sector companies;
– Create an interest among industry companies to offer apprenticeships and internships for students and trainees;
– To illustrate the latest innovative and technological developments through presentations, showcases and discussions with the theme of innovation, relevant to the times we live;
– Encourage the young generation and professional school into “new ways of thinking” related to innovation and technology.

Main Activities (but not limited) to incorporate in the event:
Presentations: Introduce topics on innovation, technology, Facts and latest trends from schools, industry and business experts.
Showcases: Present Inter-disciplinary projects and innovative products from business and schools
Competition: Illustrate innovative ideas to create professional competitions between vocational school.

Key responsibilities and deliverables

The applicant should provide the following (but not limited) tasks:
– A detailed description of the provider’s proposal for the event flow and logistic
Implementation/execution of communication plan for digital media;
– Proposal for event branding and interior arrangement scheme, according to participants of the event;
– Provision of all necessary equipment and logistics for each activity on each day of the event;
– Assistance in event organization & coordination;
– Design, production and execution of layouts required for the event branding ;
– Design and production of other promotional materials for the activities;
– Creation & publication of posts for online media to announce the event;
– Ideas for innovative competition between schools;
– Set up, execution and monitoring of the event;
– Other services, as it may be required to complement the concept of the event.

On-site Management:
The service provider will be responsible to:
– Over site and coordination of Olympic Park space; school exhibits, business exhibits, Demonstrations, showcases, presentation, welcome reception, meals, etc;
– Provide on‐site support during the event for, audio-visual, as well as business and Exhibitors management. This may include using S4J staff to assist in the effort;
– Coordination for a registration company or program for onsite registration from stakeholders;
– Arrive at minimum 24 hours before the start of the event;
– Provide services needed to facilitate and support S4J team to create and manage the events outlined;
– Walk all event space to check set up accuracy and test AV. The service provider is Required to sightsee the areas before the start of the event;
– Secure and place all required items on time, tested as per plan.

Deliverables will include (but are not limited to):
1. Production & Logistics
– Production of exhibit area, roll-ups, posters, flyers, banners for promoting the event
– Production and branding of promotional stands to be used in fairs;
– Production of promo gadgets and/or other promotional materials for events;
– Production of other branding materials for events;
– Rent / production of speaker stands along with other stage requirements;
– Renting of Monitors/LED Walls to broadcast photos, videos, Live Stream connections, alongside with microphones & sound equipment;
– Simultaneous translation equipment for the opening event for about 100 people (2 hours);
– Desk, tablecloth & other necessary elements for the organization;
– Renting of event location, Olympic Park, Tirana to be included in the budget. The rent should be provided for 5 days, 19-23 April 2018;
– Ensure the space at the venue and manage the logistics for an exhibition area dedicated to an “innovation marketplace” where business can showcase innovative products;
– Ensure the space at the venue and manage the logistics for an exhibition area where each school can make a presentation on their achievements.
2. Creative & Communication
– A detailed communication plan to promote the event in all relevant media channels (including activities to be conducted before, during and after the event);
– Implementation of communication plan in digital media;
– Design of visual for communicating the event;
– Adaption of main layout for social media accounts branding & post visuals;
– Adaptions of main layout into promotional materials branding (flyers, promo stands, etc).
3. Staff
– Two key experts to engage with the implementation of the expected service contract;
– Photographers to cover all activities;
– Video shooting for the 3 days of the event including the final video production;
– Hostesses;
– Security;
– Event Coordinators presence at the event;
– Other necessary staff to be present.

Knowledge skills and experience (eligibility)
Applicants should meet the following criteria:
– Private companies and not-for profit entities;
– Have at least 5 years operating in the market;
– Proven experience in developing communication campaigns and event organization services;
– Demonstrated capacity to work with both companies in the private sector, government and non-governmental agencies;

Required documents to be included:
a. Technical proposal
– A rationale describing how the proposed plan for events and communications addresses the objectives and scope of work;
– Methodology on developing the requested deliverables (Applicants are required to be as creative and argue the choices made).
b. Supporting documents (eligibility criteria)
The participant companies should also provide the following information along with their offers:
– Short description of the entity, staff and field of work;
– References on similar events and their portfolio.
c. Financial Proposal

Budget proposal covering all requested services (summary sheet & detailed sheet per event). The budget must demonstrate a clear and direct relationship between proposed activities and the proposed use of funds.

Evaluation Criteria
• Technical Proposal 50%
• Previous experience 20%
• Financial Proposal 30%

For timelines and other details, Click Here

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