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March 22, 2018

ACCESS Development Services looking for Senior Manager

Organization: ACCESS Development Services

Position: Senior Manager
Reporting to: Senior Vice President

Location: Jaipur

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

Educational Qualification: Masters/bachelor’s Degree in economics, management, marketing or another field relevant to the job requirements
— Experience of supervising and managing teams.
— Should have been in a leadership position for at least 2 years
— Experience of working in the field is essential

Skills required: Good communication and interpersonal skills required

Project Overview: ACCESS is implementing a non-farm sector initiative. The Pink City Rickshaw Co. project is a unique and innovative concept of introducing women as E-rickshaw drivers. ACCESS, proposes to work with 200 women, particularly between the age group of 18 and 25. These project beneficiaries will be picked from among low-income households, with half of them from among the minority community, SC / ST households in Jaipur to promote the Pink City Rickshaw Co. (PCRC) to offer a unique and innovative transport solution for the visiting tourists, and even the local residents. The aims and objectives of the Project are as under:

— Economic empowerment of women is the key focus of the project. Under the Project, 200 women will be identified and trained in rickshaw driving, rickshaw maintenance and in soft skills. The women will participate in the equity of the Pink City Rickshaw Co. that will be established under the project. Typically, given the physical effort required, rickshaw pulling is not a women occupation. Under the project, therefore, E-Rickshaws will be introduced. This will open up a new opportunity for women employment.
— Towards accomplishing sustainable impact, ACCESS strongly believes in building social capital. Under the project, ACCESS proposes to establish a social enterprise of the women – the PINK CITY RICKSHAW CO. (PCRC) and participating women will be enrolled as equity owners of the Co. PCRC will be established as a public Ltd. Co.. At some stage, once the success of the Co. is evident, other social venture capital may also be attracted for further expansion of the Co. For the women to be co-owners of profitable social enterprise will be an empowering experience.
— Given that Jaipur is among the more polluted cities in India, the project also aims to impact this issue. Particularly the old city of Jaipur is highly congested, with high vehicular traffic, mostly auto rickshaws, which are most polluting. Through the Pink City Rickshaw Co. project, the idea of e-rickshaws will be introduced to impact on environment.

Roles and Responsibilities:
> Program management : The team leader is responsible for achieving following deliverables within the project:
— Establishing the Pink City Rickshaw Co.: Within 3 months of the project start, the formation of Pink City Rickshaw Co. will be initiated. The company will be registered and incorporated by end of the first year. The company will be established with equity participation from the selected 200 women members. They will be the equity owners of the company. The team leader will eventually become the CEO of the company to take it forward.
— Identify programme beneficiaries: Women youth will be the focus and will largely be selected from vulnerable/excluded communities. Interested and “appropriately” suited women will be enrolled.
— Upgrade skills: The enrolled women will undergo three-stage skilling programme in rickshaw driving, maintenance and life skills with help of experts. A separate training module will be designed on governance and management of the Co. The three stage skilling programme will be carried out in batches where each batch will undergo training for 5 weeks – 2 weeks of driving and life cycle training and one week for repair and maintenance of e-rickshaws.
— Strategic Tie-ups will be made by the PCRC with hotels, travel agents, tourist centres. Short crisp Co. brochures will be placed in hotels. ACCESS will also design an App to book rickshaws. With the age of smartphone everyone is becoming tech-savvy and highly dependent on technology.
— Tourist Circuit: A Tourist Circuit of city landmarks will be designed.
— Business Ready: The first batch of Pink City Rickshaw drivers will be on road within three months. In the first year, 90 women will be enrolled and in the second year, the balance 110 women will be brought in the fold of the company.
— Supervise and manage team performance and monitor progress of the teams through regular field.

> Program development
— Identify key opportunities for programme development in the livelihoods projects (non-farm sector) within the state of Rajasthan.
— Support/develop proposals to attract stakeholders and programme funding
— Effective networking and stakeholder engagement.

Remuneration: Salary range in this position is commensurate to industry standards and will be determined based upon the experiences and fixed as per the HR policies of the organization.

Application Process: Interested candidates should send an up-to-date CV and cover letter addressing the above requirements to sukhbir@accessdev.org

Last date to apply: 30 November 2016

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


ACCESS Development Services is a national livelihoods promotion organization with focus on incubating innovations and sustainable models for livelihoods promotion of the poor. To this end, ACCESS is structured uniquely to work at all levels of the value chain – implementing programmes on the ground(Tier-I), working with Civil Society organizations, Government Departments, Corporate sector, and Multilateral / Bilateral agencies(Tier II) as also undertaking a few national initiatives to influence and support policy initiatives and strengthening the enabling environment(Tier III).