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March 25, 2018

Applications invited for the post of State Technical Officer – SDG Based Planning at UNDP

Organization: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Post Level: SB4/ peg 1
Position: State Technical Officer – SDG Based Planning
Reporting to: UNDP State Head for the North-East Region and the Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Planning

Type of Contract: Service Contract (Taxable)
Duration: 6 months (extendable)

Location: Guwahati, Assam

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

Educational Qualification: Master’s Degree or equivalent in Development, Public and Business Administration, Economics, Political Sciences, Social Sciences or related field
— 7-10 years of relevant experience with government at the national level or sub-national level being responsible for inter-sectoral planning.
— Experience in leading office or sub-offices as part of a larger organization or entity.
— Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, experience in handling of web based management systems

Skills required:
— Fluency in English (written and spoken)
— Maintain effective relationships with project stakeholders;
— Organize and prioritize work to meet deadlines;
— Prepare timely inputs;
— High-level of IT/computing skills (minimum: Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint);
— Good drafting and writing skills in English;
— Ability to work independently to fulfill assigned tasks.

Competencies Required:
> Corporate Competencies
— Promotes and enforces ethics and integrity and creates precedence in good practice
— Demonstrates corporate knowledge and sound judgment
— Self-development, ability to take initiative, adopt a corporate approach to complex situations
— Creates and promotes an enabling environment for open communication

> Functional Competencies
— Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise
— Thoroughly familiar with the SDG agenda, development context and challenges with regard to key developmental issues in the state.
— Writes concept notes, background material based on secondary data

Job Overview: In September 2015, world leaders adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world. Focusing on an integrated approach to achieve social development, economic growth and environmental protection, the Agenda 2030 aims at eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities.

The Government of India is committed to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and leaving no one behind. Within the Government of India, NITI Aayog has been entrusted with the role to co-ordinate the roll out and implementation of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. NITI Aayog has advised all the states to initiate preparation of their Vision documents and to align schemes to achieve SDGs.

The Government of Assam has prepared a Vision 2030 document is and is committed to work towards its roll-out. UNDP has been collaborating with planning departments on preparation of Human Development Reports and district planning. Building on this collaboration, UNDP is partnering with the state government as part of the overall

UN’s support to SDG roll-out for visioning and planning. Services of a technical officer are required to lead UNDP’s interventions in SDG visioning and roll-out at the state level. The technical officer is also expected to develop programmes and their implementation strategies to promote state priorities linked to SDGs.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Under the supervision of UNDP State Head for the North-East Region and the Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Planning, the incumbent will :
> Provide coordination support to the Planning Department during the process of developing Vision 2030:
— Responsible for coordinating with the various agencies involved in the process, including Government of Assam, UN Agencies, Niti Aayog and technical agencies.
— Coordination with UN agencies for best practices and technical experts that may be needed during the course of work by various working groups streams
— Highlight cross-cutting issues among the working groups to facilitate “whole of government approach”.

> Oversight to SDG working groups:
— Working closely with the SDG Centre AASC, Coordinate and support the meetings of all the working groups (members will include senior officials from departments and other experts) and other bodies that have been formed to work on each of the SDGs and bring in technical expertise from other UN agencies as and when required.
— Support the creation of Departments’ action plan for roll out of the SDGs in Assam including linking them to the process of budgeting. Develop and overall action plan for the State based on these.
— Suggest and prepare detailed concept notes for possible actions that will be identified to dovetail state development priorities with the SDG framework.

> Support the state governments in developing strategies for the roll-out of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda:
— Provide technical inputs in planning the roll-out by bringing together relevant experiences from other countries. Develop an overall State-level strategy based on departments’ individual exercises.
— Support the development of SDG indicator framework and aligning it to state’s data and M&E systems for monitoring the state vision document.
— Collate and present information and data on social and economic priorities of the state. Prepare short status notes for use of the working groups.
— Contribute to the design of sensitisation programmes and capacity building workshops.

> Contribute to implementation of select strategies as agreed with the state government:
— Identify the areas of focus with the greatest potential for impact and scale, in collaboration with the government, sectoral colleagues and senior management,
— Undertake continuous scoping of the development landscape in the state for identifying opportunities for future work.

> Manage partnership:
— Build and maintain collaborative relationships with counterparts with state government, UN Agencies, donor agencies and civil society organizations on issues related to UNDP’s work and mandate
— Identify and document lessons for replication and upscaling if applicable.
— Undertake any other task assigned by UNDP

> Any other works assigned by the State Government

> Results-Based Programme Development and Management:
— Researches linkages across program activities to identify critical points for integration
— Participates in formulation of project proposal and ensure substantive rigor in the design and application of proven successful approaches and drafts proposals accordingly.
— Strong writing and analytical skills.

> Building Strategic Partnerships:
— Effectively networks with partners, seizes opportunities to build strategic alliances
— Establishes and nurtures positive communication with partners

Remuneration: INR 1,06,291/- per month (taxable)

Application Process: Recruitment is subject to the guidelines issued by Department of Economic Affairs regarding Engagement of Consultants by Ministries/ Departments for bilateral partners and Multilateral organizations. Apply online by visiting Application_UNDP

Last date to apply: 25 December 2016

Note: — UNDP also offers additional benefits which include medical insurance coverage and limited pension reimbursement for contract holder and encourages work-life balance.
— UNDP strives to have a workforce which reflects diversity and gender balance, and applies an equal opportunities approach. All selection is on merit.