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March 17, 2018

McKinsey Social Initiative looking for Head – Business Development for Generation program

Organization: McKinsey Social Initiative

Position: Head-Business Development and Partnership
Reporting to: Generation India COO

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

Educational Qualification: Graduate/Post graduate degree from a premier institution
Experience: 4+ years in skilling/education sector is preferred; extensive contacts within the skilling landscape will be an advantage

Skills required:
— Able and willing to travel on short notice to locations for conversations with external stakeholders
— Demonstrated ability to have proactive conversations with employers/partners in difficult situations will be a big plus.

Job Overview: The role being recruited for is that of ‘ Head – Business Development and Partnerships’ working with Generation India on a full-time basis. The Head will have two primary roles. 1) Building and deepening Employer Relationships 2) Forging partnerships with funders/corporates/Skilling organizations who are currently engaged in Skilling programs and would be potentially interested in using Generation Methodology in their existing programs. He/she will work with a wider team comprising Programme Managers, City Managers, Placement Coordinators and implementation partners of partner organizations for carrying out above mentioned responsibilities.

1) Building and deepening Employer Relationships – One of the key pillars of Generation approach is the Employer RoI for investing in skilling of youth. Consequently, Generation manages the employer relationships directly with its own team of City Managers and City coordinators. The Program Head will have direct responsibility of building and deepening Employer Relationships which includes generating sufficient job opportunities for our candidates, meeting employers for understanding the requirements and concerns regarding the performance of candidates, getting RoI data from employers and convincing employers to invest in skilling by paying for hiring candidates.

2) Forging Partnerships for scaling up Generation Methodology An equally critical responsibility of Program head will be to forge partnerships for the Generation program with the organizations that are already running skilling programs and are desirous of improving their outcomes in terms of placement % and retention % primarily. He/she will work with a wider team comprising Programme Managers, City Managers, Placement Coordinators and implementation partners of partner organizations.

Roles and Responsibilities:

> Portfolio building and scale-up
— Contribute to the design and subsequent iterations thereof of existing and new recruitment and partnership archetypes with the objective of creating sustainable, scalable and replicable models across the skills training landscape
— Identify and nurture relationships end-to-end with external stakeholders in the skilling eco-system (e.g. employers, governments, training providers, etc.) – including but not limited to generating and tracking leads, holding exploratory discussions, conducting negotiations and formulating proposals/concept notes/MOUs – to increase the size of our employer and partner consortium
— Responsible for transparent reporting of present status across the portfolio to Generation leadership (including McKinsey India leadership and Generation global leadership) and highlight issues for de-bottlenecking

> Responsibilities – Employer/Partner operations
— Oversee the implementation of Generation training programmes by partners via the programme management team;
* Act as nodal point of contact for existing partners – oversee all aspects relating to operationalising the partnership including but not limited to:
– Coordinating with implementation providers and Operations leads for on-ground execution
– Reporting on-ground progress and escalating potential issues to program leadership (both from partner entities and Generation)
– Conducting subsequent rounds of negotiations to deepen the relationships within the partner and employer consortium

* Ensure pre-defined success metrics for partnership pilots of scale, quality and sustainability are met at all times.
* Ensure Generation interest is protected in partnership relationships and that external stakeholders fulfil their contractual obligations

— Develop relationships with targeted employers to –
— Ensure that all candidates under training are covered 1.5 times in terms of available jobs.
— Engage employers meaningfully and push them for employer payments.

— Others
* Ensure all relevant legal documentation with respect to relationships with external stakeholders is completed, up to date and appropriately stored as per GIF’s requirements

Application Process: Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter by email to careersindia@mckinseysocialinitiative.org

Last date to apply: 14 June 2017

Note: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

About Generation by McKinsey:
Generation is a global youth employment program that helps provide young adults the opportunity to launch successful careers and change their life trajectories. Generation India Foundation is a non-profit Indian entity set up by McKinsey Social Initiative, a non-profit founded by McKinsey & Company. Generation India Foundation is currently headquartered in Gurgaon and is operating in 16 major cities.

The Generation program is a 5-8-week training course for youth. Currently, programs are offered in Hospitality and Healthcare sectors with plans to expand to informal sector as well. The program offers students integrated technical, behavioral & mind-set skill training, social services, and mentorship. The program aims to make a distinctive impact on the employer organization through improved productivity, better retention and a host of other factors. In its current phase, Generation aims to scale up through partnerships with stakeholders in the skilling eco-system (e.g., philanthropic funders, government, training providers, employers, etc.) to incorporate the Generation methodology in their existing/planned skilling programs.