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March 25, 2018

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship invites applications for position of Nodal Manager and Nodal Coordinators

Organization: National EntrepreneurshipResource andCo-ordinationHub (National E-Hub)

Location: Nodal E-Hub at NOIDA, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Chennai,Thiruvanthapuram, Bengaluru, Jalandhar, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Bhopal and Nagpur

Type of Job: Yearly contract basis upto 30-3-2021
Sl. No. Name of the Position  No.  Code No.  Remuneration (p.a.) (Rs in lakh. All inclusive)
1.         Nodal Manager             01      001                                 7.00-9.00
2.         Nodal Coordinator        02      002                                 3.00-4.50
Applications can be mailed to yuva.niesbud@gmail.com latest by 5.00 P.M. on 20.06.2017.

Position wise Details:
Nodal Manager (Post Code : 001)
Position Objective: The Nodal Manager will ensure the smooth implementation of PM-YUVA project at the Nodal level. He/she will be responsible for the on-ground implementation of the scheme at the Nodal hub and oversee implementation through the Nodal Co-ordinator at the associated Project institutes.
1. Oversee project implementation roadmap, including policies and strategies at the Project institutes.
2. Oversee and monitor annual operating plan/s including monthly, quarterly and annual deliverables and outcomes at the associated
Project institutes
3. Oversee deployment of programs in the specific nodal regions. Own & deliver outcomes from respective nodal regions including
ventures created and jobs create.
4. Develop and manage the assigned Nodal Hub & leveraging local resource networks. Develop and engage the attached project
institutes to run the programs under the scheme.
5. Monitor and measure program effectiveness and provide feedback, develop dashboards and performance reports on a monthly,
quarterly and annual basis. Provide timely feedback and relevant information regarding market needs to the National Hub team.
6. Interfacing with different stakeholders including partners, colleges, Govt. and other organizations, local incubator, mentor and investor networks.
7. Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with the hubs, institutes, community groups and
organizations. Initiate and lead collaborations, networking & training programs on ground. Engage with entrepreneurship organizations, incubators and other support organizations
8. Represent the Organization at appropriate platforms and vis-à-vis relevant stakeholders.
9 Oversee the capacity development of the Project institutes. Facilitate access to different resources from within and outside the organization.

Essential Qualification and Experience:
1. Education: Graduate / Post Graduate Degree. A Post-Graduate Degree in Business Management (MBA), Social Work, Social Science would be desirable.
2. Experience:
* Min 4 to Max 10 years of post-qualification experience, with experience in project management, program management, team
handling and in similar areas as mentioned in the job details / responsibilities as expected form his role with exposure to leading
& working in teams, project planning & documentation.
* Experience in planning, managing, monitoring project deployments with a multi-location spread, handling multiple stakeholders, implementing & monitoring ground level engagement activities / events, marketing & communication campaigns, developing on going partner relationships, monitoring partner performance, establishing tie-ups & partnerships, developing team members, building teams in similar domain / training / skill development / education business or organization would be highly desirable and extremely relevant to the role. Experience & exposure to project management methodologies, tools and framework would be a value addition.
* A good experience & exposure of working in a technology driven environment and proficiency in Ms. Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, documentation & report writing, MIS & reporting, and a good understanding of IT Tools / Internet is essential.
3. Maximum Age: 35 years

Nodal Coordinator (Post Code: 002)
Position Objective: The Nodal Coordinator will ensure the smooth implementation of PMYUVA project at the Project institute levels. The position will be responsible for the on-ground implementation of the scheme at the associated Project Institutes.
1. Institute Capacity: College On-boarding, Faculty/E-Leader Selection/On-boarding; Strategic plan for each college agreed upon
with College Administration.
2. Experts Capacity: Identification/ engagement with Master Trainers, local start-ups/ corporates for internship, development/ leveraging of Mentors, Investors, Functional managers and managing engagement models with each of the above group.
3. Implementation & Tracking: Ability to deploy programs in an academic environment, monitor effective program implementation;
Provide feedback and analysis.
4. Relationship Management: Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements between the Nodal hub and the
institutes, between all stakeholders in the institutes.
5. Outlier Identification: Identification of key outliers (students likely to start high-potential companies) and providing premium support through Expert Group through a defined engagement models.
6. Monitoring and Reporting: Monitoring classroom and practicum activities and course correcting straying classroom and practicum
7. Measurement of Impact: Collecting and delivering impact data for auditing/validation, reporting and insights.

Essential Qualification and Experience:

    1. Education: Graduate / Post Graduate Degree. A Post-Graduate Degree in Business Management (MBA), Social Work, Social Science would be desirable.
    2. Experience:
      1. Min 3 to Max 8 years of post-qualification experience, with experience in implementing and coordinating projects with activities
      similar to areas as mentioned in the job details / responsibilities as expected form this role and with exposure to working in teams, project planning & documentation.
      2. Experience in coordinating, experience of establishing tie-ups & partnerships with partners for wider reach, implementing ground level engagement activities / events, marketing & communication campaigns, developing on going partner relationships, monitoring
      partner performance in similar domain / training / skill development / education business or organization would be highly desirable and extremely relevant to the role. Experience & exposure to project management methodologies, tools and framework would be a value addition.
      3. A good experience & exposure of working in a technology driven environment and proficiency in Ms. Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, documentation & report writing, MIS & reporting, and a good understanding of IT Tools / Internet is essential.
    3. Maximum Age: 30 Years

Application Process:

    1. There is no prescribed format of application. The Curriculum Vitae should include all the relevant details so as to adjudge the eligibility of the candidates in terms of the prescribed qualifications and experience. The C.V. should include the applicant’s educational qualifications; complete employment history, in chronological order along with brief details of earlier assignments;
      responsibilities handled; compensation; contact details; date of birth etc. The applicant should also invariably indicate the minimum time required to join the duties, in case of selection.
    2. The self-attested copies of all the relevant testimonials should also be sent along with the applications.
    3. The applicants in Government/Public Service may either route their applications through the present employer or produce a No Objection Certificate at the time of interview failing which they will not be further considered for the position(s).
    4. In case, a candidate is applying for more than one position, separate applications should be submitted. The composite applications are likely to be rejected summarily.
    5. The choice of Location for appointment should be clearly indicated in the application. In case a candidate is applying for more than one location, the preference of location in order of First Choice, Second Choice and Third Choice shall be clearly mentioned.
    6. The choice of location for interview shall be clearly mentioned in the Application, failing which the location of interview will be considered as NOIDA. The interviews will be conducted at select locations which will be intimated in due course. The location of interview closest to the choice will be allotted.
    7. No TA/DA for appearing for the interview is admissible.
    8. The applicants must invariably indicate the Code No. of the position in the subject line of their e-mail application.
    9. Only applications sent to the designated e-mail address by the due date and time specified will be considered for review. No hard copies need to be sent and/or will be accepted.


  1. The indicated remuneration package is the maximum total cost to the National E-Hub at the time of initial joining. The actual remuneration package, however, will depend upon the relevant qualifications, experience etc. of the candidates.
  2. Mere possession of the qualifications etc. does not entitle an applicant to be further considered for the position(s).
  3. The National E-Hub reserves the right to suspend the recruitment, change the numbers and location of appointments and / or reject all or any applications.
  4. Applications with incomplete information will be summarily rejected.
  5. The National E-Hub does not assume any responsibility for technical delays. The applications uploaded beyond 1700 Hrs. on 20-06-2017 will be rejected summarily.
  6. Any questions regarding positions, procedure etc. can be mailed at yuva.niesbud@gmail.com

Last date to apply: 20 June 2017, 1700 hours (05:00 PM)