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April 25, 2018

PMKVY -Reasons for failure

PMKVY is a failure because of the following reasons :

1. Lack of Sensitization : The Govt failed to a large extent in sensitization of the program at the grass root level,while it focused on other criteria like partners linkages and exhausting the ambitious skilling target and achieving numbers as promised by the Govt, lack of awareness amongst the actual needy beneficiaries residing in remote villages,tribal areas, interior slums never happened the way other Govt initiatives like family planning, polio, AIDS awareness etc that reached the bottom of pyramid segment and were largely successful programmes by mass campaigns, advertisements, NGO involvement and huge publicity.

2. Too many training partners:

PMKVY program failure attributes to working with too many training partners without following a stringent due diligence in assessing the competencies for empanelment prior to allotment of such an important responsibility to the training partners. PMKVY empanelment process was  quite easy and convenient hence several hundreds of companies became training partners and many of them failed in the delivery process.

3. Poor Employment Linkages:

PMKVY program was entirely dependent on the training partners for providing employment of the trained youth.The competency and commitment  levels of many of the training partners in providing employment was highly unsuccessful. A better approach would have beento conduct a meticulous and detailed market research, need analysis  (demographic , sector, trade, job role) understand the job market, find employment opportunities, make strong placement network in a particular region and allocate the program implementation to leading and successful companies with a proven track record with high vigil and and strong monitoring  on training and placements would have perhaps yielded good results.

4. Poor monitoring mechanism:

The vicious cycle started with empanelment of too many partners with so many training centres . Hence  flow of information, data, transparency, funds, quality etc became a big challenge for the monitoring unit with limited staff.

5. Franchise model:

PMKVY program’s one of the major cause of failure is having no restrictions on the training partners on working under franchise model. Most of the training partners would work on 40-60% or 30-70% revenue sharing model, the franchise could not deliver quality because of the scarcity and inconsistency in fund flow and also many of the franchises were incompetent to execute the program.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of its author, Mr. M Binoy, Operations Head, SkillTech. The matter of this article has not been edited by skillreporter.com and shall not be responsible for any damage caused to any person/organization directly or indirectly.)