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March 22, 2018

UNICEF invites applications for the post of Consultant to support Education Programme in Jammu and Kashmir

Organization: UNICEF

Position: National Consultant to provide support to Education Programme in Jammu and Kashmir
Supervisor: Chief, Education Section

Duration: 6 months (Full-time consultancy)
Location: New Delhi with regular travel to Jammu and Kashmir (5-7 days in a month)

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

Educational Qualification: Master degree, in fields of education, social work, sociology, or related field
Experience: At least 7 years of experience working in education or emergency field; preference for candidate who has combined experience in education in civil strife/emergencies context

Skills required: 
— Demonstrated presentation and facilitation skills
— Good English writing skills
— Harmonious working relationships and ability to manage complex multi-partner work groups
— Previous strategic policy and research experience desirable

Project Overview: Taking cognizance of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and the urgent need to work on issues of children’s education, the focus of the programme is to ensure children are able to realize their right to education. This implies reforms and nuanced programme strategies that could provide the required supportive environment/conditions for accelerating the pace of implementation, particularly by supporting state education functionaries to plan for children’s right to education, adopt child-friendly principles, and ensure reduction in the number of out of school children. More specifically, the Consultant would facilitate and provide support for development of concepts and strategies and support the implementation and monitoring of ongoing interventions to promote children’s right to education in Jammu and Kashmir and also support programming at the national level for children affected by civil strife.

Roles and Responsibilities:
— Coordinate with the Education and Child Protection Sections of UNICEF for promoting a protective learning environment
— Provide technical assistance and coordinate with implementing partners (Department of School Education, SSA, Department of Social Welfare, SIEs local NGOs etc.) in J&K to ensure implementation of committed activities for quality education, including for early grade learning, pre- school education, special training centres, and teacher education
— In convergence with CP, support the partnership with Save the Children in terms of planning, implementation and monitoring of the education activity under the partnership
— Identify possible partnerships as may be required to meet the commitments made in the proposal to IKEA Foundation – particularly in the Kashmir valley
— Support the process of review and reporting to the donor
— Support analysis of data to develop fact sheets on education for the state and the intervention districts/zones
— Undertake regular field visits to monitor and review the progress of activities related to OOSC, ECE and early grades.
— Collaborate with CP to facilitate implementation of the capacity building programme by National Labour Institute
— Support the promotion of a comprehensive school safety and security programme with CP and DRR

> Month 1
— Prepare donor report and analytical presentation for IKEA
— Facilitate documentation of two human interest stories and a video for IKEA annual review meeting
— Source two new partners for implementing CFS and ECE in Kashmir region
— Prepare roadmap to implement interventions in schools in selected areas of Jammu and Kashmir in consultation with local officials of the Education Department, SSA, Save the Children and other local implementing partners

> Month 2
— Prepare a plan for and facilitate capacity building workshops for ICDS functionaries in coordination with technical partner and submit report
— Develop framework for implementing CFS in the selected schools and organize teacher training programme in Leh
— Prepare a plan for and facilitate capacity building workshops on early grade mathematics and language and submit report
— Review the report of the mid line assessment study and provide inputs for its finalization
— Prepare a framework, with technical agency, for a radio programme to promote children’s academic and socioemotional development in situations of civil strife

> Month 3
— Prepare an implementation plan for setting up model AWCs in two districts in coordination with ICDS and technical partner
— Develop a monitoring framework with Save the Children to monitor planned interventions
— Facilitate training of resource group on school safety in coordination with Save the Children and prepare report
— In consultation with CP and DRR, revise the present draft SOP for school safety and security
— Organize review meeting of the programme in J&K and prepare a plan of action

> Month 4
— Prepare a training plan for training of teachers on school safety, in coordination with Save the children
— Visit project districts and coordinate with SSA and technical partner for smooth implementation of CFS in model schools in J&K and prepare report on status of implementation
— Visit project districts and coordinate with ICDS and technical partner for smooth implementation of ECE in model AWCs in J&K and prepare a report on status of implementation
— Finalize SOP for school safety and security in collaboration with CP and DRR Sections
— Review the content of the radio programme, provide inputs to the script and the content map

> Month 5
— Review activities carried out by partners and provide technical support for CFS implementation in model schools
— Review activities carried out by partners and provide technical support for setting up model AWCs
— Facilitate training of teachers on school safety in coordination with Save the Children and prepare report
— Organize meeting with J&K Education Department to review the content of the radio programme and prepare a plan for broadcast

> Month 6
— Prepare fact sheets on J&K and the programme districts/zones
— Reviewing the programme in J&K with implementing partners, prepare a progress report including recommendations and way forward
— Prepare analytical reports of CFS interventions in model schools and ECE interventions in model AWCs
— Finalize the content of the radio programme for broadcast

Payment Terms:
— Payment is linked to receipt and satisfactory acceptance of deliverables.
— Travel expenses will be reimbursed at actuals based on receipt of invoices/reports.
— Per Diem will be reimbursed at UNICEF consultant rates.

Application Process: Interested candidates should apply online by visiting Job_UNICEF, online application should contain three separate attachments:
— An application letter (to be uploaded online)
— Curriculum Vitae (CV) (to be uploaded online)
— A financial proposal indicating deliverable-based professional fee as per template (to be uploaded online under other supporting documents).
— Without the financial proposal template your application will be considered incomplete.

For any queries, please contact:
Supply & Procurement Section, UNICEF
73, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003
Telephone # +91-11-24606516 (Direct)
Fax # +91-11-24391410; Email: indconsultants@unicef.org

Selection Process: The selection will be on the basis of technical evaluation & financial offer in the ratio of 80:20. The criteria for technical evaluation will be as follows:

Educational qualification (Min 12/ Max 15)

Relevant experience of working in the J&K region and programming on Education in conflict environment including DRR (Min 16/ Max 20)

Experience working with government (Min 8/ Max 10)

Experience working with bilateral/international/UN agencies (Min 12/ Max15)

Sample of previous work (Min 16/Max 20)

Total technical score – 80. Minimum qualifying marks is 64

Candidates who score an overall cumulative score of 64 marks and above and also meet the minimum cut-off in each of the above sub-criteria will be considered technically responsive

The financial proposals of only those candidates, who achieve the minimum score against each of the above evaluation criteria and an overall cumulative score of 64 will be considered technically responsive and eligible to have their financial bids opened.

Last date to apply: 21 February 2017

— Any attempt to unduly influence UNICEF’s selection process will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.
— Joint applications of two or more individuals are not accepted.
— Please note, UNICEF does not charge any fee during any stage of the process.


The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (RTE) guarantees all 6-14 year old children their right to quality elementary education. Ensuring uninterrupted quality education to children in situations of disaster or strife remains a concern. The normal routine of going to school, learning, playing, and spending time with family get disrupted and are replaced by uncertainty, fear, hunger, discomfort, physical injury and dislocation during conflict. Children become susceptible to a number of risks like separation from family, physical and psychological/social harm.

In this Country Programme cycle 2013-17, Education Section has worked closely with Child Protection Section for select programming in Jammu and Kashmir in collaboration with the state Government. Programming in J&K began in 2014 in six education zones in three districts. The programme has focused on supporting SSA to deliver quality preschool through elementary education. Work has been initiated to mainstream out of school children in the six zones, strengthen teacher education and monitoring systems and to build capacities of education functionaries to implement child-centred pedagogy and of SMCs to formulate school development plans.

Technical assistance is required to take forward these activities. These terms of reference refer to hiring services of an Education Consultant, with expertise of a specialized nature, to provide the required technical inputs and guidance to the programme in Jammu and Kashmir.