German Varsity collaborates with Indian skill councils, unveils innovative certification courses

New Delhi: German Varsity, a cluster of 10+ Universities and 40+ Industries in Germany, proudly announces a pioneering collaboration with Indian Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) for certification courses in new-age disciplines. The event, held today at the PHD Chamber of Commerce, marked a significant milestone in recognizing and accrediting German Varsity’s Nano Master program.

This collaborative initiative aims to unite industry leaders, educational institutions, and stakeholders from the Electronics, Management, and Automotive sectors. During the event, German Varsity entered into five Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs), three of which were with prominent sector skill councils:  Electronics Sector Council of India (ESSCI), Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC), and Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC). Additionally, two MoUs were signed with universities, KR Mangalam University (Gurgaon) and Sharda University (Noida). Prominent figures present at the event included Dr Abhilasha Gaur (COO, ESSCI), Arindam Lahiri (CEO, ASDC), Col Anil Pokhriyal (CEO, MEPSC), Philip Assmus (CEO, The Factor – Y).

The collaboration now enables candidates to receive joint certification programs with SSCs. Initially, three courses were launched in Online Virtual mode, each with a duration of 10 months and 20 credits: AI & Applications Technology Leadership, International Management & Technology Leadership, and Mechatronics, Robotics, 5G & Technology Leadership.

The event underscored the importance of global career enhancement certification programs with SSC recognition. German Varsity is committed to aligning academic curricula with industry standards and fostering globally competitive skill development. Highlighting collaborative efforts with three prominent Sector Skill Councils, the event aimed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Emphasizing the significance of global career enhancement certification programs, it seeks to create a pathway for individuals to acquire internationally recognized skills aligned with industry-specific needs.

Mr Raj Vangapandu, President of German Varsity, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our event has opened doors for aspiring students and professionals aiming for fulfilling careers in Germany. We are thrilled to have established a platform that bridges the gap between raw talent and boundless opportunities, all while nurturing Indo-German partnerships. The event aims to showcase our collaboration with sector skill councils, emphasizing the joint certification opportunities available through our virtual certification programs. As per NEP 2020, which states that 40% of skill courses can be incorporated into the curriculum by universities, we are collaborating with Indian universities. German Varsity also offers other programs like internships, apprenticeships, semester exchanges, dual-degree programs, master’s courses, bachelor courses, etc.”

German Varsity established MOU-level collaborations with Dayanand Sagar, MIT ADT, Amity University, IIT Delhi, IIT Ropar, Chennai Institute of Technology, and many other esteemed universities across the country. This platform offers educational institutions an opportunity to explore collaborative efforts, share insights, and contribute to the evolution of higher education. German Varsity envisions this event as a significant step towards creating synergy between academia and industry, contributing to the development of a skilled and globally competitive workforce.