EOI invited from Eligible Training Partners for Sustainable Skill Development for RINPAS

Expression of Interest to invite eligible organizations as “training partner” to provide Sustainable Skill Development, Market and Job outreach for PMRIs of RINPAS, Jharkhand

RINPAS invites offers in the form of Technical Credentials from Corporate Houses/NGOs/NGIs in the venture of providing “Sustainable Skill Development, Market and Job outreach for PMRIs of RINPAS“. The entire exercise will proceed on Public-Private Partnership Model. The interested applicants should submit their offer in the prescribed Format of this EOI. Continum to the responsed received on this EOI, a detailed RFP shall be published subsequently.


RINPAS is a psychiatric institute located in Kanke, Ranchi, the capital city of the Indian state of Jharkhand. It’s the state government’s pioneering institute in the field of mental health and allied sciences since 1925.

RINPAS aims to provide mental health services in terms of treatment, psychosocial interventions, reintegration in community and family, relapse prevention and rehabilitation of persons with mental illness (PRMI) in the mainstream of the society in order to promote positive mental health and enhance quality of life of such patients. This would lead to acceptance of PRMI and to overcome challenges such as misconceptions, stigma, rejections, etc related to mental health in re-integration of patients.

RINPAS occupational therapy/rehabilitation has running a specific module for a craft training program and financial strengthen the patients at occupational therapy dept. through employment generation. Presently, the patients are employed in gardening, weaving, cane and bamboo work, black/iron-smith, carpentry, tailoring, cobbling, mattress and pillow making, lace making, mending clothes, knitting, embroidery work, domestic, and office work, etc. The patient’s work is fully utilized toward supplying the needs of the hospital.

Also, RINPAS is having unit of stitching, handloom and set of design development unit, which can engage more than 35 patients at one time for any training module such as stitching, paper craft, jewelry making, bags & pouch making and other allied activities.

The institution is seeking to create new opportunities with an objective to change lives of these patients by providing them a sustainable livelihood growth through craft training module and make the patients self-confident. The organization would like to engage such potential firm/institution in organizing design and production units of various categories.

Our vision expands towards fulfilling cumulative dreams through creation of sustainable livelihood models based on craft promotion, handloom training, handicrafts skill development and allied activities.


The objective of this project is to:

  • impart occupational training to the PMRIs.
  • Upgrade the Occupational rehabilitation unit of RINPAS to NSDC standard along with necessary certification.
  • Support for product design and development, brand creation and brand promotion.
  • Market assessment, Market Outreach and Establish long term partnership with organization like Jhar-craft, Umang, etc. for promotion and marketing of the product.
  • Create social support system like SHGs(self Help Groups) for PMRIs.

Scope of Work:

  1. The selected partner shall review the current skill development programme and upgrade the modules as necessary.
  2. The selected partner shall deploy manpower to train PMRIs.
  3. The selected partner will also recommend the purchase of tools and fixtures, if any needed and assist RINPAS in its procurement.
  4. The selected partner shall help RINPAS in development of curriculum as per NSDC, SCPwD or any other underlying relevant framework/policies/scheme.
  5. The selected partner shall help the programme and the Occupational Rehabilitation Centre accredited by NSDC and SCPwD.
  6. The selected partner shall help RINPAS in market appropriate product design and development.
  7. The selected partner shall support RINPAS in developing a common brand for all products of the rehabilitation centre.
  8. The selected partner shall support in brand familiarization and marketing.
  9. Once the training is successfully completed their products may be marketed by Retail/B2G/B2C. The selected partner shall collaborate with various marketing platform both online and offline such as Jharcraft, Umang, Tribe fab, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  10. The selected partner shall support in setting up sales-kiosks in places like airport, malls, trade fairs, etc. For promotion and social upliftment of these skilled patients, a display counter/store/outlet could be developed. The display counter/store/outlet would also help to generate awareness to local to wide level (state, national and online presence) and whereas each product can draft with a cause “ who made it” along with small product description and tag line that with every purchase of the product of the consumer the firm will donate certain amount for RINPAS patient skill development fund apart from the profit. All products of the consignment stock should be affixed with stickers/tags as per the designs approved by the Costing Team.
  11. The selected partner shall support successful candidates in managing business operations, marketing services, setting up, needful infrastructure and tool and fixtures setup, networking with potential clients and collaborators, managing finances, and ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.
  12. The selected partner shall support RINPAS in setting up location based SHGs for PMRIs.
  13. The selected partner shall prepare regular progress reports and presentations for stakeholders, highlighting key achievements, challenges, and recommendations for improvement.
  14. The selected partner shall provide support for institutional strengthening initiatives, including governance reforms, infrastructure development, and resource mobilization.
  15. The selected partner shall develop a network to foster ongoing support, mentorship, and networking opportunities for PMRI.
  16. The deliverables of this Project shall be: Project Planning and design, Content and Activity Finalization, Need Analysis, Trainees enrolment and batch formation, Pre-training assessments, training of the beneficiaries, post training assessments, certifications, market outreach for product created by PMRIs, job-outreach, ensure and track retention of placed candidates.
  17. The selected partner shall strictly keep the Training centre functional during the working hours of the Institute and the Training Centre will not be closed except on public holidays.

General Information:

  • The period of this project will be minimum 3 years and is subject to mutual consent and requirement.
  • The applicants are encouraged to visit the site before submission of their intent of Proposal.
  • The applicants shall indicate their technical credentials in harmony with the skill training desired to be imparted. This should also include the proven/promised ability to provide employment to PMRIs so trained.
  • The Applicant will not share the organization’s strategy, design or any other information which may affect the discipline of premises directly or indirectly to any other agency.
  • Project may be subjected to Copyright and can be patented to RINPAS.
  • The Selected Partner shall not use, for this purpose, any funds from any government scheme in its own name. However it can procure funds from Corporate Houses under the banner of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) .Any fund whether under government scheme or under the banner of CSR for this Project shall be raised/procured in the name of RINPAS .

Last Date for
 Submission: 10 June 2024, 06:00 PM IST