Corrigendum: Date extended to submit RFP for Knowledge Partner at BSDM

Title: RFP for Selection of Knowledge Partner vide Ref. No. BSDM/Knowledge Partner-158/2023 01 dated 20.07.2023 published in papers vide PR No. – 005593 (LRD) 2023-24.

Extension of last date of submission: The last date and time for submission/ uploading of “https://www.eproc2.bihar.” is extended. Technical Bid will be opened on or after 08.09.2023 post 16:00 Hrs.

Revised date for submission: 08 September 2023, 1500 hours IST

The other terms and conditions of the RFP document will remain the same. Please refer the RFP document for other details.

The bidders are strongly recommended to go through in detail the () RFP and (ii) Corrigendum dated 04.08.2023 and (ii) Response to Pre-bid queries, available on websites viz. (i) and on (ii), while preparing their bids.

This “Corrigendum document” has also been uploaded in the Tender section of above websites.

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