Maharashtra Government Forms Committee to Develop Comprehensive Skill Education Policy

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has established a 10-member committee tasked with formulating a comprehensive skill education policy aimed at ensuring the effective convergence of various skill development initiatives across the state. This strategic move by the Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Department seeks to harmonize efforts in capacity building and entrepreneurship encouragement.

The committee comprises academicians, experts in skill education and entrepreneurship, as well as industry and government representatives. Their collective expertise will be utilized to curate a draft skill-policy that addresses the state’s unique needs. The 10-member committee is expected to submit a draft within a month.

A department official stated, “For capacity building of manpower and to encourage entrepreneurship among youngsters, there are various projects, initiatives and programmes in various parts of the state. Various educational institutions are offering multiple types of skill-oriented courses… There has to be coordination of all these so that effective steps can be taken in creating a quality manpower as well as in incubating enterprises; which this policy will intend to achieve.”

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Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) throughout Maharashtra currently offer a range of skill-oriented courses. In addition, many universities and autonomous colleges have introduced degree-level courses tailored to local industry needs. Universities have been instructed to promote entrepreneurship, leading to the establishment of incubation centers and start-up clinics within several state universities.

“Given the simultaneous operation of these initiatives, it is crucial to avoid duplication. A coordinated approach will help create a high-quality workforce for various industries,” the official added. The committee is expected to submit a draft policy within a month.