YUVAi program to equip the youth with essential AI skills

YUVAi, the ‘Youth for Unnati and Vikas with AI’ initiative, a collaborative effort between the National e-Governance Division (NeGD), Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, and Intel India, is poised to take center stage at the upcoming Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit. This groundbreaking program, designed to equip youth with essential AI skills, has captured attention for its innovative approach and commitment to shaping a future-ready workforce.

YUVAi aims to deepen the understanding of AI among school students from class 8 to 12 across the nation, empowering them to become human-centric designers and users of AI. The GPAI Summit, a global platform convening leaders, policymakers, and experts in the field of AI, is scheduled to take place from December 12-14, 2023, providing an ideal platform for YUVAi to showcase its impact and significance. In an era witnessing the transformative power of AI, YUVAi stands as a beacon, guiding the next generation toward responsibly using AI to address a myriad of social challenges.

Key Updates and Features of YUVAi Programme:

  1. Progressing in three phases, the YUVAi programme is being implemented in multiple cohorts to ensure that maximum students stand a chance to become future-ready. It introduces students to several social themes to direct their AI knowledge towards solving real-world problems.
  1. In the first Cohort, more than 8,500 students registered, post which, they attended online orientation sessions to learn fundamental concepts of AI. Teachers also enrolled into the program and underwent orientation sessions. Students then submitted innovative AI-based ideas under one of the eight core themes of the programme.
  1. The programme received an overwhelming response of idea entries with over 750 students submitting their AI-based ideas in Phase 1. In phase 2, Top 200 AI-based ideas were shortlisted. Shortlisted students attended online deep dive AI training and mentorship sessions with certified Intel AI coaches and experts – helping students enhance their solutions. Students then submitted their AI projects to be evaluated for Phase 3.
  2. In Phase 3, top 50 students were shortlisted and they were invited to attend a four-day face-to-face rapid modeling workshop – receiving one-on-one mentorship, apprenticeship and guidance from industry experts to fine-tune their projects and develop them into prototypes. An on-spot project presentation was conducted by a multiple jury panel to shortlist Top 10 students.

YUVAi will be represented at the GPAI Summit with its Top 10 finalists showcasing their AI-based social impact projects. As the GPAI Summit unfolds, YUVAi aims to inspire policymakers, educators, and industry leaders to collaborate in creating a future where AI is not just a tool but a force for positive change.

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