EOI invited from agencies to run Training & Assessment in English Language

NSDC International Limited was established to expand workforce mobility by identifying key strategic focus areas to make India a preferred partner for sourcing competent and certified workers worldwide. It targets setting a global benchmark for a quality skills ecosystem and securing a position in the mobility of skilled workforce globally.

NSDC International invites Expression of Interest from agencies engaged in english language Training & International Testing Agency. Through the collaboration, NSDC International aims to establish english language learning environment for Indian youths to explore career opportunities in international destination countries.

Interested agencies are required to furnish the information along with the documentary evidence as per the format given under Annexure-I (Eligibility Criteria).

Duration: Empanelment of Training & Assessment agencies will be for a period of 03 years from the date of issuance of letter of empanelment. However, the duration can be reduced or extended based on performance of agencies. More agencies can be added in the empanelled list provided they meet the conditions set out under this EOI.


In view of the above, NSDCI aims to onboard agency(ies )which may run training as well as internationally recognized assessments in english language training

Recognizing the global demand for skilled professionals across various domains, NSDCI  acknowledges the pivotal role of English language proficiency in facilitating international deployment. In response, NSDCI is launching an initiative to onboard esteemed language training and assessment organizations.

The scope involves identifying and engaging potential partners with expertise in domain-specific language training and assessment, catering diverse sectors such as healthcare, IT, engineering, hospitality, and more. These partnerships will ensure alignment with the linguistic requirements of destination countries worldwide, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Sweden, and GCC countries.

Collaboratively, NSDCI aims to integrate comprehensive English language training modules into its existing skill development programs across various domains, fostering linguistic competence among Indian professionals. By bridging the language gap and enhancing cross-cultural communication skills, this initiative strives to empower Indian workforce across diverse sectors for successful integration into international markets, thereby addressing the global demand for skilled professionals effectively.
Roles and Responsibilities of Agency:

Onboarded Agency(ies) are expected to:

  • Mobilization: Mobilize Candidates from open market and enrol them into batches
  • Language Training: Provide language training as per the requirements of the destination country.
  • Training Management: Managing the complete cycle of training

NSDC International shall provide the following support:

  • Financial Aid: Advance funding for demand aggregation and training
  • Introduction and Registration: Introduce empanelled partners and register them with States for mobilization.
  • Infrastructure Support: Facilitate infrastructure support for training, interviews, and trade testing of candidates. (cost to be adjusted from revenue).
  • Fulfil regulatory requirements, including obtaining necessary approvals and licenses for skilled personnel mobility.
  • Charge training fees to candidates, subject to NSDC International’s approval.

Mode of Submission: Online

Last Date for Submission: 22 May 2024, 04:00 PM IST