BSDM invites RFP from agencies to establish and maintain MCRC


Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) in its pursuit of creating an efficient Skills ecosystem has observed that a perennial challenge being faced is the really low percentage of placement opportunities acceptance and eventual retention in the job in-spite of placements being the eventual objective of all domain/core skilling endeavors. On account of the limited availability of employment opportunities in the State of Bihar, a lot of the placement opportunities coming up are outside the state and require the skilled candidates to migrate to various outside state location. As observed a major hindrance in accepting such opportunities or continuing in such opportunities for a substantial period of time is the unwillingness of the candidates to migrate on account of various uncertainty factors such as:

  1. Social security
  2. Social acceptance
  3. Livelihood generation
  4. Lack of knowledge of the destinations geographical and demographic fabric
  5. The uncertainty around the possibility of moving families
  6. The fear of exploitation etc.

Thus, a paradoxical situation has arose where the industry complains about there not being enough skilled workforce in-spite of job opportunities being abundant whereas on the supply side there is a rampant rise in post skilling unemployment.

Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM), Department of Labour Resources, Government of Bihar in order to mitigate such concerns, bolster and facilitate the candidates to make an informed and supported migration, proposes to set-up Migration Counselling cum Registration Centre (MCRCs) to provide migrants from the state of Bihar to other states and districts, counselling services, identity documentation services, accommodation assistance, better job opportunities, post placement support, healthcare services, social/welfare entitlements, banking services, remittance etc. and function for addressing all such sensitive issues of state migrants on time.

The objective of setting up the MCRCs are as follows:

  1. To guide migrants about accommodation and other logistical issues being faced by job aspirants moving from Bihar to other states
  2. To inform migrants about Labour laws, social security and entitlement related issues being faced by job aspirants with their respective employers after migrating to destination locations
  3. To facilitate migrants in emergency situation and providing remedial support in situations like accidents, casualties etc. at work place through liaison with the local administration of the destination place as well as the Govt. of Bihar.

Though the MCRCs have primarily been envisaged to facilitate the skilled manpower migration but its scope will not be limited to the skilled manpower migration only and will encompass facilitation / support to migrants from all categories of migrants (from Bihar) working age people such as Blue Collared, Grey Collared or even White collared. 

Scope of Work

Scope of the Assignment

The primary objective of this RFP is the empanelment of an agency for the set-up/establishment, operation and maintenance of 10 MCRCs in major cities (industrial hub) outside Bihar and 10 MCRCs at identified districts of Bihar as per the norms and guidelines of BSDM till the end of the contract period. The services to be provided but not limited to by the MCRCs are divided into “Core Services” and “Value Added Services”. The indicative set of services are based on the key challenges faced by migrant workers and the experience of trained alumnus in various skill development programs under BSDM.

The Indicative list of services to be provided by MCRCs (but not limited to)-

  • Core Services:
    1. Registration Services
    2. Pre-migration preparatory support
    3. Access to Placement Services
    4. Post placement counselling & support Services
    5. Follow-up intervention
    6. Skill up-gradation
    7. Organizing Workshop and Awareness Events
    8. Identity solution service
    9. Legal literacy service
    10. Financial literacy and social services
  • Value added services:
    1. Dedicated / focused mobilization and counselling drives through the saturation approach will be anchored through source MCRC as per the requirement of BSDM.
    2. MCRC service provider to coordinate with concerned Government Department, public/private companies etc. and support migrants in case of exigencies and work disputes.
    3. MCRC to provide inter-department or inter-institution liaison support as needed.
    4. MCRC service provider to collect and share information on migration trends and skill set required in tune with the destination economies/market.
    5. MCRC details like address, contact person name etc. must be displayed at prominent locations like railway station, bus stand in cities of MCRC location and other locations deemed suitable to the bidder or as directed/advised by BSDM.
    6. MCRC service provider shall undertake qualitative research amongst candidates and employers as follow-up to Post- Placement tracking.
    7. MCRC service provider to organize Community building/recreational/solidarity activities like Sporting events, celebrating festivals etc. at least 4 such events in a year.

Last date for submission: 07 November 2023; 1500 hours (IST)