UKWDP inviting RFP for empanelment of domain experts for placement-linked skill development program

Uttarakhand Workforce Development Project (UKWDP) intends to select consulting services for Empanelment of Industry Partners or Domain Experts as Domain Experts or Industry Partners for Placement-linked Skill Development Program

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Legal Entity: Nature The organization should be a Legal identity having registered under any of the Government umbrella Certificate of Incorporation or Registration & PAN. Date of registration /incorporation Provide Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
  2. Legal Entity – Existence: The organization should be in existence and in business in India for the last 3 years. PAN card Proof of Valid EPFO/ESIC/Factory registration number EPFO Registration license or ESIC registration license or Factory registration license Proof of Valid TIN/TAN/GST Number Certificate of TIN or TAN or GST by concern Govt. authority department.
  3. Turnover: The firm should have an average annual turnover of at-least INR 25 crores in any three financial years in last five FYs (unless exempted as per criterion A5 below).
    1. Audited Financial reports for FY 2016-17 ,2017-18 ,2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020- 21 &
    2. CA certificate for average turnover or FY 2016-17 ,2017-18 , 2018- 19, 2019-20 & 2020-21. (In original)
  4. Sector and Size: Industry must be a Manufacturing/ Service Sector industry with a minimum strength of 500 employees as on 31st March 2022 (unless exempted as per criterion A below). Memorandum of association of the organization and self-certified undertaking for employee strength
  5. Exemptions for New Age Sectors: In case of industries operating in new age sectors, conditions 3 and 4 above may be relaxed:
    1. Technician Mechatronics
    2. Smart Agriculture
    3. Tourism/Ecotourism
    4. Adventure sports & Entertainment Industry
    5. User Experience and Human-Machine Interaction Designers
    6. Blockchain Specialists, Software and Applications Developers, Geoinformatics Assistant
    7. AI and Machine Learning Specialists
    8. Robotics Engineers and Ecommerce
    9. Social Media Specialists
    10. Telemedicine
  6. Non-Blacklisting: The Applicant should not have been blacklisted by any donor agency/State Government/ Central Government Notarized affidavit on stamp paper certified by applicant’s authorized signatory.

Selection Criteria:

  • Industry Partners/ Domain Experts must receive a minimum of 40 marks in the parameters defined in serial no 1-06 (Evaluation Criteria) in order to appear for Presentation as mentioned in serial no 07 (refer RFP document)
  • The minimum technical score (St) required to be achieved for shortlisting is: 60

Note: Shortlisted Industry Partners/ Domain Experts may be considered for other skill training programs being conducted by Uttarakhand Skill Development society

Date of pre-proposal conference: Aug 01, 2022