Sachin Tendulkar promotes Skill India Mission campaign

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has released a fresh advertisement on television featuring the new Brand Ambassador of Skill India Mission, Living Legend Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar to promote its campaign. In the ad, Sachin could be seen drawing parallel with a carpenter in order to symbolically upgrade the worth of his labour. (to watch video, click here)

The advertisement strikes a chord with India’s working class who is often looked down by the elites and middle class. The promotional clip is intended to instill a sense of pride among the proletariat and increase their respect among the higher economic classes. Ir propagates the same kind of message as was articulated by Narendra Modi during both of his Independence Day speeches. “When we meet someone in suit-boot, we treat him with respect. But when we come across a labourer, our attitude changes. Why do we adopt such double standards?” Modi had said.

At the end of promotional clip, a toll free number 08800055555 is provided through which one could make further inquiries about the Skill India Mission. The campaign aims to skill the unskilled working population of India, and enhance the knowledge and skill set of those who are already skilled. The well-thought out mission could positively affect a huge population in India which is not employed in the corporate sector. It could prove to be an excellent platform for all skilled and unskilled wage earners to classify into the category of blue-collared labourers.

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