Tourism and hospitality sector participating actively in Skill India mission started by PM Modi

THSC, sector skill council for the tourism and hospitality is mandated to create a robust and sustainable eco-system for skill development in sub-sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry like Hotels, Tour Operators, Food Service Restaurants, Facilities Management and Cruise Line. The Council receives financial support from NSDC.

After its inception in September 2014, the Council has been able to bring together varied players – large, medium and small, on one platform – to chalk out strategies to tie over the skill deficiency in the industry sub-sectors. THSC has been able to achieve remarkable strides for more than a year in terms of mapping the job roles, standardizing it, developing training modules, finding training partners, and assisting in recruitment of trained manpower, etc.

Roy said “THSC has mapped and standardized the job roles in the industry with the help of ICRA IMaCS. They interacted with more than 300 industry partners across the country before completing the occupational mapping of the industry,” says Praveen Roy, CEO, THSC. Since government’s intention is to make all the technical skilling courses in the country NSQF compliant, so THSC has made all the occupational roles compliant to NSQF levels called Qualification Packs(QPs) which helps candidates in gaining lateral entry for their academic progression. “Out of the 186 job roles identified by THSC, QPs have been approved for 63 job roles so far by Qualification Review Committee (QRC) of NSDC”, Roy said.  He is hopeful of getting the approval for the remaining QPs in the next couple of months.

Roy also mentioned about their training partners saying “there are 150 training partners for THSC in India with a total of 300 training centres.” The council has trained over 40,000 people in last 18 months. He also mentioned that if students who are looking for a quick entry into the industry can do three-month training at any of the approved training centre of THSC and gain entry as a steward.  Thereafter, if he intends to hone his skills and progress in his career, he can come back and do the next level of QP. “The industry will also have steady stream of manpower waiting to be inducted every three months,” Roy observed.

THSC signs MoUs with industry players for placement as the industry has changed its mindset and accept the skilled manpower for a specific job role. “The whole purpose of skilling will be defeated unless the industry takes serious involvement,” Roy said.

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