NSDC International ties up with NIFCO Inc for skill sets mapping

NIFCO Inc., a global manufacturing company as well as an IoT solution provider with battery-less devices supporting educational institutions in India and globally and NSDC International Limited, a company engaged in building global job opportunities for Indians, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). President Masaharu Shibao represented NIFCO Inc and MD Ved Mani Tiwari represented NSDC International. The MoU aims to promote cooperation in Manufacturing sector, to initiate seminars, promote and develop corporation for projects of NSDC International Limited’s as well as NIFCO’s between India and Japan and to encourage migration of Indian human resources from India to Japan.

To promote relationship and awareness between the two countries, the companies will collaborate with each other to

  • create awareness to promote hiring of skilled professional from India to Japan
  • conduct joint promotional seminars
  • knowledge sharing, skill sets mapping in Japanese manufacturing sector and contributing to the optimization of the educational environment in India etc.

The companies will cooperate with each other to bring their respective expertise, skills, resources, and network to promote cooperation between India and Japan.

The spread of COVID-19 has made it difficult for technical cooperation between the countries; however, the easing of restrictions has increased opportunities in both countries especially in the field of human resources. Japan’s demand for skilled human resources, especially in some sectors, has been in a state of shortage for quite some time. Given this background, the MoU between NSDCI and NIFCO, is signed to establish a cooperative framework to promote, enable opportunities for Indian professionals in Japan and contribute to support educational environment in India. The companies will also focus on conducting various hybrid and physical promotional seminars in India and Japan, on various areas.