Government to provide employment opportunities to 1.4 lakhs in Jammu and Kashmir

New Delhi : In an effort to reach out to people of Jammu and Kashmir, the Centre is in the process of providing employment opportunities to 1.40 lakh youths in the state through various means, including skill development training and jobs in police and paramilitary forces.

Official sources said around 1 lakh youth, who are mostly under-graduates, will be given various job oriented training under a centrally sponsored scheme called Himayat in next five years.

The youths will be provided short-term training for at least three months, in a range of skills for which there is good market demand. At the end of the training, the youth are assured of a job and there is one year post-placement tracking to see how they are faring.

Sources claimed since inception 60,000 youths were given training under Himayat.

Another undergoing programme is called Udaan, which was launched in 2013 aiming to provide skill development training to 40,000 youths, mostly graduate and post graduate, of the state over a period of five years. Sources claimed under the Udaan, so far 21,000 youths were given training and many of them got jobs in corporate sectors.

The central government is also in the process of recruiting 5,000 youths in five newly created India Reserve battalions in Jammu and Kashmir. 60 per cent recruits of the IR battalions will be taken from border districts of the state. Another 1,300 youths will be hired from the state by different paramilitary forces in next six months.

Besides, 10,000 Special Police Officers will also be recruited by the Jammu and Kashmir Police in next one year, sources said.

Note: News shared for public awareness with reference from the information provided at online news portals.