Skill training held to impart traditional skills in youth

The Textile and Handicrafts Department (THD) assistant director, Onam Darang Pertin, emphasized the importance of skilling the youth of the Upper Siang district in order to secure a better future for themselves. Pertin made these remarks while addressing 37 educated unemployed individuals and students who had recently completed a month-long skill development training program on “Cane, Bamboo, and Beads Making,” organized by the THD. The training concluded in Yingkiong, the district headquarters of Upper Siang.

Gyaneshwar Mishra, the Vice Principal of VKV (Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya), commended the initiative and expressed his belief that it would significantly contribute to a brighter future for the youth. Odi Kombo, the Headmistress of Parsing Government Secondary School, advised the trainees to make the best use of the skills they had acquired.

Yalik Jerang, the District Information and Public Relations Officer (DIPRO), highlighted the importance of such training for the younger generation, especially considering the declining significance of traditional arts and crafts. Jerang emphasized that these skills would enable the youth to rediscover their rich traditional heritage and contribute to its preservation. The training program included instruction in bamboo and cane work by local experts Pokrin Mitkong and Takong Mingki, as well as bead making by Ninna Lego and Pona Rumchu. Upon completion of the training, all participants were awarded certificates to acknowledge their accomplishment.