Bihar govt to setup Mega Skill Centres in all districts

Patna: Aiming at honing the skills of youth as per the global market demands, the state government has decided to establish mega skill centers (MSCs) in all 38 districts, labor resources minister Surendra Ram said here on Wednesday.

Ram said that the MSCs would be established under the aegis of BSDM. “Chief minister Nitish Kumar had conceived the idea of setting up MSCs in every district as part of Saat Nischay-Il program of the government,” he said during a meeting of the stakeholders and advisors. The meeting of stakeholders and advisors involved representatives from various organizations such as the World Bank, British Council, TCS, World Skill Centre (WSC) Odisha, NASSCOM, and several companies like V-Mart, Zomato, and Reliance Jio. Senior officials from BSDM and the labor resources department (LRD) were also present.

After discussing with these companies and organizations, the labor resource department decided to open Mega Skill Centers in around 6 districts as a pilot project and when this project will be successful, the same will be rolled out to other districts of Bihar as well.

Ram added that the people of Bihar have contributed to national development, including by engaging in various industries, and that the state’s social capital is its huge labor force whose skill requires to be honed with proper syllabus, course, and training to meet and suit the present and emerging global market demand commensurate with technological advances made.

Rajender, the principal secretary-cum-BSDM chief executive officer, requested aid and assistance from the World Bank, leveraging their global experience in skill development, to support the youth of Bihar.

During an open discussion, the representatives of the World Bank, British Council, TCS, WSC Odisha, and NASSCOM made their respective representations whose suggestions and recommendations would be incorporated into the blueprint of the framework for the MSCs.

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