Directorate of Training and Technical Education (DTTE), DUSIB and NGOs together to start Skill Training of homeless in Delhi

New Delhi : The Delhi government has decided to begin certificate courses for homeless people at night shelters. Besides, it has waived off the fee of Rs. 10 which the homeless had to pay to spend a night in these shelters.

Under the scheme, those interested will be trained at the night shelters itself. The project will be a tripartite one between the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB), the Directorate of Training and Technical Education (DTTE) and non-governmental organisations. “The night shelters will be turned into training centres during the day. There  computer, electrician, and motor vehicle mechanic courses, among others,” said V.K.Jain, CEO, DUSIB.

The training programmes will be run at around 10 night shelters across the city. These include the ones under the Sarai Kale Khan flyover, at Dandi Park and at Geeta Gate. An inspection to identify these shelters was conducted by the DTTE and shelter board officials last week. Delhi has around 200 night shelters which accommodate approximately 16,000 homeless.

The scheme will help the homeless gain employ-ability. “We have found that almost all the inhabitants of night shelters severely lack motivation in life. So much so that they do not think even of tomorrow, forget about sorting their lives. Thus, a certificate course will give them confidence to get employed or start something of their own,” added Mr. Jain. Records with the DUSIB indicate that inhabitants of these shelters constitute the sick, unskilled-unemployed people, or those doing menial jobs like pulling rickshaws.

“Due to extreme heat, the fee (Rs.10) will not be charged from people at night shelters till July. Coolers have also been installed at porta-cabin shelters as it becomes very stuffy inside,”said an official.

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