Hand of Applause for Skill Development : Nagaland Government declared 2016 as “Year of Construction Workers”, will focus on Skill Training

Nagaland: Parliamentary Secretary of Labour, Employment & Skill Development & Border Affairs, Mhonlumo Kikon, informed that Nagaland government has declared 2016 as the ‘Year of construction workers’ to provide training and employment to the youth. He stated that construction works accounted about 15% of the state economy in terms of the flow of the finance in the market, which has the potential to employ more than 1 lakh workers.

Addressing the post graduate students of Nagaland University at its 14th annual literary programme on the theme ‘Confronting reality,’ Mhonlumo, who is also the chairman of The Nagaland Building and Construction Welfare Board, said skill ecosystem in Nagaland is at nascent stage ‘because we have unskilled people manning jobs, which actually are meant for skilled people and that’s the contradiction and the reality that we are confronting today.’

Sharing his concern on the high rise of unemployment problems in the state which is leading to a lot of other issues, Mhonlumo lamented that the people in the comfort of home don’t venture out to seek a solution to the problems. He said government has initiated a programme in order to provide a solution, in which uneducated unemployed youth have began two months training in learning basic construction skills. He also informed that after the training, youth would be employed with all the local first class and super class contractors in Nagaland.

Also, he asserted that people should shed hypocrisy and collectively work towards building a better future of the state. Making a reference to the past initiatives of the government under Nagaland Skill Development Scheme, wherein youth of the state were sent outside for beauty and spa training, Mhonlumo candidly remarked that it has no scope in the state. He urged Naga youth to understand their competency and look into those sectors where ‘we are naturally inclined to succeed’.

In this regard, he requested the student community to support any initiatives, which would enable the unemployed, unemployable and the uneducated to get jobs within the state and also help in circulating the finances within the state’s market economy. The initiatives of the government is skilling the youth, both the educated and uneducated and also employ-ability of both educated and uneducated, he added. On the educational system and the employment scenario in the state, he was apprehensive whether the two were suitable to each other and whether the educational curriculum, teaching, training were suited for the students to go into the world and be employed gainfully.

Posing a challenge to the students whether they would be employable in the future, he asserted that the concept of employment should change first only then ‘we will see progress and development in the state’. Stating that our idea of success is not based on reality, he said as responsible students, all should share the responsibility of unemployment problem in the state.

Nini Lungalang, Vice Principal of Northfield and guest of honour, exhorted the students to be ‘always be yourself’ as she said when one is too busy trying to be somebody else, they would never realize his/ her potential. She also advised them to be open to doing what one loves, be competent, stand for oneself and be discipline and never to flatter themselves.

Note: News shared for public awareness with reference to the information provided at online news portals.