Nagaland govt to impart skill training in people with invisible disabilities

Department of Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (ESDE) has joined hands with Changeinkk Foundation, a non-profit organization that is devoted to mainstreaming persons with learning disabilities, to skill individuals who often go unnoticed due to their invisible disabilities.

A DIPR report stated that the partnership aimed to tap the natural entrepreneurial spirit of those individuals and leverage their skills to drive innovation and growth for the state. Department of Employment, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship recognized individuals with invisible disabilities, especially those with Specific Learning Disabilities, as they were often the driving force behind groundbreaking innovations that have changed the world. With this in mind, the report stated that the partnership with Changeinkk Foundation will empower these individuals by providing them with the necessary skills to become successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

Changeinkk Foundation is committed to building equitable ecosystems that promote the inclusion of individuals with learning disabilities from cradle to career. Instead of creating alternative systems of inclusion, the partnership will build the capacities of all stakeholders, enabling them to create a sustainable culture of inclusion. Nagaland government and Changeinkk Foundation were committed to this partnership and believe that it will drive innovation, productivity, and growth for India.