TalentSprint, partner National Skill Development Council-NSDC, starts a series of digital training programs, aims to empower 1 Million youth

TalentSprint, India’s leading Youth Career Accelerator, NSDC Best Performing Partner has unveiled a series of new digital programs aimed at BTech., BSc fresh graduates and final semester students who hail from non-metros and are seeking their first job in the IT sector.

Funded by Nexus Venture Partners and the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), TalentSprint aims to empower one million young job seekers to pursue careers in information technology, banking and financial services, and education.

With a mission to empower one million youth realize their career dreams, TalentSprint intends to position these holistic, well-rounded programs as one-stop career solutions that can help rural and semi-urban youth overcome traditional barriers of gender, geography, and privilege. While young college graduates across the nation continue to aspire for the best jobs the IT sector has to offer every year, the intrinsic pattern of entry-level IT recruitment itself is undergoing a seismic shift.

Commenting on this latest initiative, Dr. Santanu Paul, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, TalentSprint said, “Our digitally intelligent platform and these new digital courses will empower every young person to prepare for exciting, high-value IT careers. In effect, we are trying to create a backstop for the systemic failures in higher education. As we have already seen with our digital courses in the banking and financial sectors, now being accessed by youth across 350+ towns across India, the appetite for high-quality employ-ability courses, made available digitally, is practically unlimited.”

Conventional on-campus centric models are giving way to off-campus intensive models. The old first-hire-then-train model is being replaced by a new first-train-then-hire model. These disruptions are being driven by a growing appetite among new startups and established companies to reduce their bench and training costs and increase just-in-time access to the right talent. Taken together, these trends effectively shift the entire burden of job-readiness over to the job-seekers, who now have to invest in the correct industry-ready skill courses and standardized employability assessments before they can qualify for high-value, entry-level IT jobs.

Sridhar K, Chief Digital Officer, TalentSprint added, Our programs enable students learn 24×7, the ability to play, replay, revise lessons at their own convenience, without diluting the opportunity to get one’s doubts clarified by senior faculty, which is done through live sessions. We also conduct weekly All India Mock Tests to enable one to benchmark their performance vis-à-vis others.”

TalentSprint estimates that 2 million young college graduates compete for 100,000 entry-level IT jobs every year. Complicating matters, talent supply is growing at 15% per year, while new openings are growing at less than 5% per year. 60% of the talent supply resides in non-metro locations, while 100% of the openings are in metro locations. To fend off fierce competition and to maximize chances of gainful employment, non-metro job seekers as a category must now seek professional assistance and mentoring which is not accessible in their location. These programs will equip them to take up widely-used recruitment tests with confidence, and are affordably priced.

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