NSDC invites EOI to onboard education and training institutions

NSDC International aims to invite Expressions of Interest (EOi) from a diverse range of educational universities, institutions, colleges, and training centres operating across sectors, including hospitality, healthcare (nursing), agriculture, and engineering.

Through this collaboration, NSDC International aims to provide the required support and opportunities to the candidates of the Applicant Institutions, thereby empowering them to enhance their skills and employability globally.

Sectors on Focus: Healthcare (Nursing), Hospitality, Agriculture, Engineering

Scope of Work

The Applicant Institutions interested in undertaking the following scope of work to be executed
as part of this collaboration

  • Access to the enrolled and passed candidate pool – Create detailed candidate profiles, including skill assessments, certifications, and work readiness evaluations.
  • Accreditations and Certifications: Obtain necessary accreditations and certifications that elevate the credibility and recognition of the Applicant Institution’s candidates to an international level.
  • Facilities and Equipment Enhancement: Upgrade existing facilities, laboratories, and equipment to ensure they meet international standards, enabling hands-on training and assessment of the candidates.
  • Language and Cultural Training: To prepare candidates for working in diverse international environments, fostering effective communication and cross-cultural competency.
  • Curating Skill Development Programs: Curate skill development programs that align with the specific needs and expectations of NSDC International and global industry demands as may be intimated by NSDC International. 

Mode of Submission: Online
Applicant Institutions who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in this EOI are invited to submit their proposals via email: riya.kumar@nsdcindia.org.

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