Proposals invited for skill upgradation – electrician training under NTPC’s CSR

NTPC Limited (NTPC) invites online bids through tender notice for Contract for Skill Upgradation-Basic Electrician Training to PAPs under CSR at NTPC Kudgi on “Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding basis (Envelope-I: Techno-commercial Bid & Envelope-II: Price Bid)” from eligible bidders.

The Bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms, conditions and specifications in the Bidding Documents, before submission of his bid. Failure to furnish all information or documentation required by the Bidding Documents may result in the rejection of such bid.

Scope of Work:

  • The agency shall set up Training Centre/Centres as per their convenience in consultation with NTPC Kudgi Management
  • The module should include both Industrial and Residential Wiring Training
  • Time Period: The total work is to be executed and completed within a period of 03 months from the date of award of work for 720 participants (minimum 01 month per candidate)
  • Mobilization of beneficiaries and developing candidate profiles- Collection of names of beneficiaries and creation of batches falls under the Scope of Work of Agency. Creation of batch wise daily schedule for training & Maintaining Attendance Sheet
  • Opening & Closing Day Inauguration and Closing falls under the scope of Agency.
  • Advertisement and Propaganda in the Villages in the nearby areas falls under the scope of the agency.
  • The agency shall provide the following for the efficient running of the Centre/Centres
  • Faculty and Program Coordinator: The agency shall arrange required qualified faculty trainer, program coordinator to supervise and execute the operation of the Training Centre/Centres as per the scope of work.
  • Physical infrastructure and Equipment: The agency shall ensure the availability of the required quality and quantity of training equipment like Raw Materials, Stationery & Printing of Certificates as required as per scope of work.
  • Operation and Maintenance: The agency shall ensure routine upkeep and maintenance of the above-mentioned Training Centre/Centres and the facilities therein, for eg. Rent and electricity/power backup to ensure that the Centre/Centres operate seamlessly.
  • The agency will conduct classes for 720 participants and decide criteria for the selection of participants.
  • Deployment of security for safekeeping of the facility falls under the scope of agency.
  • The agency shall provide training to participants during day hours or as per site suitability.
  • The agency will bear the cost of trainers & coordinator salary, training equipment cost and their maintenance cost, training consumables & Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials as required.

Last date for submission: 16 January 2024; 03:00

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