China has just 1341 vocational colleges to train 10.48 million students

Bejing : China has 1,341 vocational colleges for higher education catering to 10.48 million students last year to sustain manpower requirement demand for its massive manufacturing sectors.

As per the Ministry of Education (MOE) these colleges were attended by 10.48 million students in 2015, accounting for 41.2 per cent of all college undergraduates. These vocational institutes also provided on-the- job training to 20 million people in 2015. Vocational colleges offer occupational courses and are important to transforming higher education from an elite area to one for the masses, said Ge Daokai, director of the Department of Vocational and Adult Education with the MOE.

As of 2015, all the provincial regions in China had established financial support systems for vocational colleges. Annual financial subsidies on each student should be no less than 12,000 yuan ($1,806) in 2017, the MOE said. A budget of five billion yuan from the government is also expected from 2016 to 2020, to promote the combination of production and study and build a modern vocational education system.

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