Nigeria to raise over 2.5 million jobs under its LEEP Program

Nigeria: The Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment at Nigeria said it is creating comprehensive plans that will raise over 2.5 million jobs under its Labor Employment & Empowerment Program (LEEP), by partnering with the United Nations Development Plan UNDP, the German agency for Development GIZ, among several donor agencies, the Ministe of State for Labour Nkeiruka Onyejeocha stated in a document sighted by BusinessDay.

The Minister said the comprehensive reform plan is aimed at addressing the internal issues faced within the ministry and advancing the overall mandate of the ministry through strong strategic initiatives in line with the Renewed Hope agenda. The partnership will lead to technical assistance and grant funding for training, capacity building and infrastructure development to support the implementation of the LEEP Initiative. The project is also aimed at enhancing technology transfer and skill exchange programs between Nigeria and other development partners through the LEEP Initiative.

According to the Minister, “ The Ministry currently faces multifaceted challenges around poor revenue generation and operational inefficiency due to a lack of information transparency & inadequate oversight within the ministry’s agencies and parastatals. The skills and capacity gap within the ministry and its agencies further exacerbates the existing challenges.”

These challenges affect the Ministry’s ability to amongst others, implement digitization initiatives to enhance information transparency and streamline performance management processes.

Others include the Ministry’s ability to also implement targeted training and capacity-building programs to bridge the skills and capacity gap within the ministry and its affiliated institutions. Constituting expert governing boards for the ministry’s agencies and parastatals to improve the LEEP strategy will help the Ministry focus on enhancing digital literacy to meet the demands of the evolving global job market.

Vocational and Entrepreneurship Skills Programs, are aimed at equipping individuals with relevant skills for self-employment and entrepreneurship. It also targets the upgrade and expansion of existing ministry assets to meet the growing demand for training and skill acquisition programs.

The project will help in facilitating and managing international remote work opportunities such as call centres, data analysis, audio transcription etc. to expedite employment and boost revenue generation, upgrade and expanding the National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) to expedite the employment process across all employment types, as well as review and improve labour compliance mechanisms and working conditions through digitization, monitoring, and certification factories and other institutions

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