Dane County Youth Apprenticeship to help fund 197 youth apprentices, secures share of $3.2 million grant

Dane County Youth Apprenticeship has continued to grow, nearly doubling since 2012. Dane County School Consortium’s grant will help fund 197 youth apprentices, three from the Marshall School District, for the 2016-17 school year.

The Dane County School Consortium’s mission is to provide a pathway for tomorrow’s careers by connecting classroom education to industry preparation. “Youth apprenticeship provides a connected learning experience with on the job skills that are essential for success in today’s economy,” according to Josh Fassl, the director of the Dane County School Consortium. “Our employees really appreciate the ability to help develop a recruitment pipeline and train future employees to meet industry needs.”

DCSC’s expanding partnerships and ability to work with high demand industries include recent partnerships with the IBEW and Associated Builders Inc. through the development of commercial construction youth apprenticeship program, held in McFarland. In addition, the DCSC secured additional youth apprenticeship training for nursing assistants through a new partnership with Fortis Management group, providing training for nursing assistant certification and employment opportunities for students. In September, the DCSC will launch an expansion to its automotive training program through the Partnership of Francois Ford in Belleville.

A 2015 youth apprentice graduate, Alec Gillett from Marshall, said, “The YAP program is like no other. You get to learn skills from the real world level. You get to be in a professional job site and get paid for your work. This program helps you to get your feet wet in an area of interest. You don’t have to go to college and pay for something that you don’t want to do.”

Dane County School Consortium has students enrolled in 10 YA program areas with an average wage of over $10 an hour.

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