India- Ready to become Skill Capital of the world

Atul Bhatnagar, COO, NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) said “NSDC is trying to achieve a logical way of defining skills, relevant to the industry. The education system in India has churned out a lot of graduates, but unfortunately 75 % of these graduates are unemployed because they do not have the required skills. India does not lack in human resource power infact it’s in excess”. He added, our country is becoming more populous and young at the same time. The average Indian age will be around 29 years in 2020, while the rest of the world will be aging. It is estimated that the world will require 55 million people in work force and India will have a surplus of 47 million. India has to not only use its manpower within the country, but also supply it to the rest of the country with skilled manpower and so NSDC is now trying to work with the government and has come up with NSQF (National Skills Qualifications Framework) in which skills against job roles are decided. Australia is ready to look at four of our sectors and are willing to give immigration points to people in India, that can be employed in Australia. Australia is looking to hire skilled people from India and deploy them in the Middle East. Thus making India skill capital of the world.

Note: News shared for public awareness.