Governor to VCs- Concentrate on Skill Development

A conference was held today by Shri K.K. Paul, the governor of Uttarakhand with Vice-Chancellors(VCs) of various state universities having the agenda of ‘the need to raise standards of higher education in the state’. He emphasized that the VCs should exercise greater supervision over affiliated colleges and also concentrate on the quality of teaching and research saying “without any original research, either by the faculty or the students, the Universities tend to lose their character and are merely reduced to the level of a small college”. They also talked about the need to create an interface between academia and industry and job oriented changes in the curriculum were encouraged while forcing on skill development as necessary. He also said that campuses should be turned into smart campuses by implementing some measures like reducing electricity consumption, planting trees, having an effective garbage disposal system and conserving water.

Note: News shared for public awareness.