Let us Celebrate Independence Day !

Dear Reader !

Skill Reporter Team wishes youHappy Independence Day !

Independence not only matters to country but more than that it matters to every individual of that country. We may interpret Independence as means  getting away from dependence giving us a feel of freedom from stress, freedom from worries, freedom to express, freedom to live the life at fullest, freedom to create something out-of-the-box and contribute to the society, the country and to the world to make it a best place to live for all creatures of the almighty god.”

Lets think the Indian way “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम” meaning Whole World is my Family where we show intention to be a participator to enable others to lead a good life.

Skill Reporter is a Startup where our Skill Reporter teammates work 7 days a week to keep you updated and as token of their contribution, we are announcing “3 Days Independence Work Break” to let them enjoy the freedom from work stress, freedom from committed to deliver, freedom to wake-up late and freedom to sleep as per their wish.

So, kindly bear with us for this Independence Work Break from 14th Aug – 16th Aug. We will be on your gadgets on 17th Aug.

Skill Reporter