APSSDC partners HCSSC to skill youth in handicrafts sector

In a pioneering effort to fortify skills and augment employment prospects within the handicraft and carpet sector, the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) has formally entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Handicrafts and Carpet Sector Skill Council (HCSSC). The signing ceremony, held at the APSSDC office, marks the commencement of a strategic alliance aimed at implementing short-term skill training programs for unemployed youth across the state.

This collaboration is not solely focused on upskilling participants but represents a holistic initiative to broaden their employment horizons, both domestically and globally. The primary emphasis is on the handicrafts and carpets sector, a domain rich with opportunities yet often overlooked. By imparting essential skills to the state’s youth, this initiative not only pushes the boundaries of traditional employment but also opens up a pathway to self-sustainability and economic independence.

The signing ceremony was a pivotal event formalizing the agreement, attended by key individuals including Arjun Singh, Senior Manager of HCSSC; Dr. Vinod Kumar V, MD, and CEO of APSSDC; S Janardhan Rao, Sectoral in-charge of APSSDC; VDG Murali from the Corporate Connect Team at APSSDC in Tadepalli on Thursday. The signing of MoU was performed in the presence of M Vishwa, Executive Director of Lepakshi. 

This strategic partnership is anticipated to result in a notable surge in skilled artisans within the handicrafts and carpet sector. Such growth promises to elevate the overall quality and competitiveness of products originating from this sector. In the long run, it positions Andhra Pradesh as a key player in both domestic and international markets for handicrafts and carpets.