‘Skilled Youth’ asks for jobs promised by State Government after skill development programme

Over 90 disgruntled educated youth of the capital region of Andhra Pradesh, coming under the banner of Rajadhani Yuvajana Sangham voiced their discontentment over the state government for not providing them jobs in CRDA, here, on Sunday.

Educated youth of the capital city villages, who were imparted training by the State government under the ‘skill development programme’ with a promise of suitable jobs in CRDA or the capital region, expressed their anguish that they had been taken for a ride. The angry youth said that the state government was now saying that there were no jobs in CRDA and one had to wait for some years to get the promised jobs with private companies in the region.

Sharing their anguish and dilemma as ‘What to do next’ with media persons, here on Sunday, they said six months ago, many of them were asked to join the training under the skill development programme organised by AP State Skill Development Corporation and through announcements at village panchayat offices at 29 villages under capital city area, from where the 33,000 acres of land was collected for the capital city, the youth were promised jobs in CRDA or facilitating any suitable jobs in the capital city area.

A young engineering graduate from Undavalli village said that many of us are children of those farmers, who gave up their lands for the sake of capital city. We were promised alternative livelihood. Several of us are engineering graduates and were looking for jobs, while some were already working with some good companies. But the lure of good jobs and that too near our homes got many of us to join the skill development programme in June last, but there was hardly any training in core subjects and at the end we were told there are no jobs.

Though the skill development programme for the engineering graduates was to be in their core subjects of specialisation, during the six months of the training nothing was taught to them about the core subjects. Instead, they were trained in communication skills that too for some 45 days.

Every day it was some two or three hours training in those communication skills and rest of the time we were left to wonder why we had joined this training programme in the first place,” T Prasanna Kumar, a civil engineering graduate from Undavalli, said.

Again hopeful, we met CRDA officials only to be told that there are no jobs,” Chinmaya said.

D Lenin, the architect of Rajadhani Yuvajana Sangham said it was sheer irresponsibility on the part of the government, which was playing with future of the youth. “It had spent several lakhs of rupees of taxpayers’ money on skill development programme. Now those who underwent that training are made to wait stating there are no jobs.

If government had wanted to recruit them it cannot necessarily be in CRDA, but other departments, even on contract basis. As and when there are jobs available either in government departments or industries that are expected to be set up in couple years, it could always shift them there. We hope government sees logic in our argument and provide the trained youth of capital city villages’ jobs, they deserve,” he said and added that they were waiting to meet the CM.

Note: News shared for public awareness with reference from information provided on e-news portals.