AAMC India announced new initiative to create skilled workforce, to meet demand in Middle East

AAMC Training is excited to announce a new initiative that looks to bridge the skills gap between individuals in India alongside the growing labour demands of the Middle East, while delivering new opportunities for local people.

Following a fact-finding mission from AAMC Training Australia’s founder and Managing Director Jeff Mazzini to three GCC countries, the team at AAMC Training India have entered into a consortium to help place Indian workers within the growing health and hospitality sectors within the region.

The GCC healthcare and hospitality markets are projected to reach US$69 billion by 2020 and US$35.9 billion by 2018 respectively, with demand for skilled workers in the region increasing accordingly.

The consortium unites three leading vocational skilling organisations with established reputations for the delivery of high quality skilling across the Asia Pacific. “This agreement – spanning international borders and would bring together three highly successful businesses – will deliver meaningful career opportunities for thousands of Indians,” AAMC Training Director Anurag Sharma said.

“The consortium brings together the talents, resources and experience of AAMC Training Group, Australian Retail College and Talisman Healthcare and benefits not only Indian workers, but an area of the world crying out for skilled people who can deliver on local requirements.

“We’ll be ensuring that these opportunities to work for vetted and reputable employers in vital sectors within the GCC economy are opened up broadly to Indian people looking to build their skills and embrace exciting new prospects,” Mr Sharma said.

The consortium was born from an Austrade led mission earlier this year and is a unique opportunity to deliver skilled labour to the Arabian Gulf region.

Labour supply and skilling remain significant challenges for governments in the Arabian Gulf region, and training based in Australian standards can give a mark of surety and confidence to Gulf employers.

“This consortium is a unique approach to solving India’s skills challenge and matching training with employer needs across the Arabian Gulf region.” said Tom Calder, Trade Commissioner at Austrade India.