AAMC Training Conducted Training on “How to become a quality Professional”

AAMC Training Group is a wholly Australian owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO number 51428), operating nationally and internationally. AAMC Training, a leader in providing ongoing continual professional development and professional education to meet the ongoing regulatory requirements and up-skilling of the members associated with the many professional associations relevant to the respective industry.

AAMC Training recently conducted training, where more than 40 candidates from few corporates attended the training, at Noida. The training included various topics to enhance the skills of a professional or individual for their better growth such as communication skills, e-communication, leadership, promote team effectiveness, making presentations etc.The trainer makes a difference. It was trainer who made a “training” into the “learning”.

Our Trainer Mr. Ravi Shanker said “Participants react more favorably to trainers who have experiences in their industry. They appreciate facilitators who have experienced and addressed the issues and situations highlighted in the training. The more closely the instructor can link the training to participants’ real life experience, the better for training transfer, and the application of the information later on their jobs.” My experience with this group of people was very outstanding as they were all from varied fields and various backgrounds, he added.

While sharing  his views during the training program, Mr. Anurag Sharma, director of AAMC Training India Pvt. Ltd. said “being a quality professional is not a need but necessity for any professional in this competitive world. Countless workers, business owners, employees, and employers lack an important skill in today’s workforce. It’s something a diploma, years of experience, and talent can’t buy you, he added.

Mr. Sharma added “I believe “Professional” represents different things to different people. To some it might imply being an expert in your profession, to others it could stand for someone who behaves in a business like manner. But to me, it signifies the character of a person – on and off the job.”

AAMC Training are training youth in the skill development and the application for the same in their jobs or workplaces.

Candidates also shared their views regarding training program, Vineet Malhotra said “Finding and attending a training, and with the right type of instructors is always a challenge but I have been fortunate to find the best so far!” while Kuldeep Singh said that he wish more of these kind of workshops to be organised so that people can understand what they lack in their performance. “I appreciate the training and the workshops like this that has measurable objectives and specified outcomes that will transfer back to the job.” stated Avinash Bindle, a candidate who attended the training.

AAMC Training aims to conduct such sessions frequently on soft skill and professional development skills.