RFP invited from PIAs to implement Placement Linked Training Program in Odisha

In order to foster skilling initiatives in the state of Odisha, OSDA seeks to empanel Project Implementing Agencies (“PIAs”) which are eligible to apply for empanelment as per the pre-qualification criteria and are deemed qualified to provide placement linked skills training in a manner compliant with National Skills Qualifications Framework (“NSQF”) notified by the Ministry of Finance on 27th December 2013 and the Common Norms notified by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship on 05th January, 2021.

Scope of Work

Upon empanelment, PIAs shall be required to impart skill training in districts (as listed in Schedule – C), and other districts of Odisha (which are not listed in Schedule – C) and available skill development centers or extension centers. At the time of submitting proposal, each Bidder is required to propose the preferred districts for imparting skill training, in the format given at Appendix – VII. Allocation of districts to PIAs will be decided by OSDA. The decision of OSDA in this matter shall be final.

The following is the broad scope of work for empaneled PIAs. Detailed Scope of Work shall be incorporated later into the Agreement signed between OSDA and the empaneled PIA prior to execution of work.

  • Mobilization of Trainees
    • Mobilization is the prime responsibility of PIA and OSDA will support in the process.
    • Mobilization should be accompanied by counselling wherein empaneled PIAs are expected to provide candidates with all possible information on the nature of work in the sector/trade, availability of jobs, potential pay and entitlements, growth prospects and risks involved, with the aim of helping candidates and their families make informed choices.
    • Registration of trainees must be linked to their Aadhaar identity, which the Empaneled PIAs are expected to facilitate before registration of trainee.
  • Batch management
    • A training batch would consist of not less than 15 and not more than 30 trainees.
    • During the training program only those candidates having 70% or more attendance are eligible to appear for assessments.
    • The candidates who have less than 70% attendance will not be eligible for assessments and the PIAs will not be eligible for the lodging, boarding or training cost of those students.
  • Training Centre and Infrastructure
    • Training can be either residential or non-residential.
    • PIAs are required to have dedicated training centres for imparting skill training under PLTP in Odisha. However, for the PIAs seeking assistance in finding infrastructure, they can avail infrastructure facilities provided by OSDA separately.
    • PIAs must be a NSDC partner having minimum rating of B or above (or) PIAs who are MoRD partners (or) industrial units having captive requirement can also bid.
    • Each training centre must be equipped with the infrastructure prescribed under the relevant Qualification Packs (QPs) by the concerned Sector Skill Council (SSC) for the job roles in which training will be imparted.
    • Training centre infrastructure may be owned or hired.
    • Aadhaar Enabled Biometric attendance is mandatory for both residential and non-residential skill trainings.
  • Training delivery
    • PIAs are not allowed to provide training through a franchisee arrangement. No part of training centre or training shall be sub-let to any agency/individual in any form.
    • The Empaneled PIAs shall be responsible for all aspects of the training including centre readiness, quality of training delivery, assessment and certification, and outcomes required from the training.
  • Curriculum
    • Curriculum must be based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Qualification Packs (QPs) developed by Sector Skill Councils.
    • The training curriculum must have mandatory modules on soft skills, computer literacy, English, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.
    • Adequate practical training must be incorporated into the training module where necessary.
  • Trainers
    • Persons deployed as trainers by the Empaneled PIAs must be competent instructors in possession of requisite knowledge, skills and experience in their domain and must have a valid ToT certificate provided by SSC.
  • Assessment and Certification
    • An independent assessment of trainees by a third-party agency authorized by the relevant Sector Skill Council is mandatory for all skill trainings provided under the program.
    • After assessment, each successful candidate must be awarded a certificate issued by the Certifying Agency approved by the relevant Sector Skill Council and OSDA to ensure acceptability in the industry.
    • Apart from third-party external assessment, continuous internal assessment in the form of quizzes, assignments and tests should be a part of the course curriculum.
  • Facilitating Trainees in securing Wage Employment
    • Providing wage employment to the beneficiaries is the prime focus under PLTP. Achievement of outcomes, in terms of number of candidates placed from each batch and receiving at least minimum guaranteed wages of the state where the candidates are placed, shall be a crucial element for assessing the performance of Empaneled PIAs at the time of annual empanelment renewal. Other indicative parameters for assessing the performance of Empaneled PIAs are given in Schedule–D.
    • Payment to PIAs, in line with the notified Common Norms, shall also be linked to achievement of envisioned outcomes, as detailed in Schedule–A.
  • Post Placement Tracking and Support
    • To ensure sustained benefits from training, Empaneled PIAs are required to track and report successfully placed candidates for a period of 12 months. The formats and periodicity of reporting shall be mentioned in the terms of work provided in the Agreement/ MoU.
    • For candidates provided with wage employment in any industry, information like appointment letter, bank statement, etc. must be maintained and submitted to OSDA as per terms of the Agreement between OSDA and the Empaneled PIAs.
    • Contact details of successful trainees should be passed on to OSDA for sample checking. 

Submission Process:

The Bidder shall submit the proposal in the formats specified in the Appendices, inside a sealed envelope marked as: “Proposal for Empanelment of Project Implementing Agencies to implement PLTP in Odisha” to

The Director of Employment and CEO OSDA
Directorate of Employment
Sriya Square, Unit-3,
Odisha – 751001

Proposals should be submitted at the address mentioned above by Registered/Speed Post or courier only. Any other mode of submission of the proposal shall not be entertained.

Mode of Submission: OFFLINE

Last date for submission: 10 November 2023, 04:00 PM IST