Consultants invited for work assignment on TVET data


UNESCO-UNEVOC is UNESCO’s dedicated centre for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and supports Member States’ efforts to strengthen their national TVET systems. As part of its mandate, UNESCO-UNEVOC facilitates knowledge exchange, networking and collaboration between TVET stakeholders; develops quality TVET programmes that enable gainful employment, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning, and respond to demands of the labour market; and promotes skills development opportunities that are equitable and accessible to all segments of society.

To strengthen the evidence base for education policy-makers and other TVET stakeholders and to support the implementation of the UNESCO Strategy for TVET 2022-2029, UNESCO-UNEVOC seeks a Consultant to compile an inventory of national, regional and global data on TVET. The inventory should cover data on, inter alia, access to and completion of TVET, financing of TVET, quality of TVET programmes, labour market outcomes, and emerging areas in the field of TVET (for example, related to the green and digital transition). In addition, the inventory should cover cross-national databases and databases for selected individual countries that will be identified jointly by UNESCO-UNEVOC and the Consultant. 

Scope of Work

Objectives and key tasks

Under the overall authority of the Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC, the direct supervision of the Leader of the Knowledge Management and IT Team, and in close collaboration with UNESCO-UNEVOC staff, the Consultant will perform the following tasks:

  1. Compile an inventory of relevant data sources on TVET, including administrative records, labour force surveys, and other sources. The inventory will document the following:
    • Data provider
    • Data collection method
    • Indicators in the database (with definition)
    • Date of most recent data collection
    • Frequency of data collection
  2. In cooperation with UNESCO-UNEVOC, the Consultant shall suggest a shortlist of TVET indicators for further analysis.
  3. For a selection of countries, chosen in consultation with UNESCO-UNEVOC, the Consultant shall systematically compare the shortlisted TVET indicators in terms of comparability, data availability, and accuracy.

Candidates for the consultancy should submit their application to


Last date for Submission: 30 September 2023 

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